Meet Miss Massenez

She’s feminine and alluring. She commands an air of mystère. She walks with her back turned, inviting you to follow her. She’s timeless and ageless. She’s the one you want to be, or the one you want to follow. And she will be arriving in Sydney soon.

Meet Miss Massenez, a new marketing concept that brings an innovative image to the French liqueur company by creating a small universe based around her mystique.

Miss Massenez
Massenez range

During their visit to Sydney, Bernard Baud, Managing Director and Elodie Naslin, Marketing Director, introduced the marketing concept based on the mysterious female image at Brasserie Ananas.

Distillerie G. E. Massenez was founded in 1870 in Alsace when it began producing fruit-based eaux de vie and liqueurs. Massenez was the first to distill raspberry eau de vie and is now renowned worldwide for its Poire William product which constitutes 70% of its sales. The production remains artisanal to this day with distillation methods a guarded secret.

Miss Massenez
Bernard Baud, Managing Director

The concept is to create a small Miss Massenez universe, a world of cocktails specifically designed by mixologists in France using one or two product with quality juice and ingredients.

Nine cities to date have had a special cocktail named after her. When you drink it, you focus on the atmosphere of the drink, the location and the romance of mind travel. It’s all about what the cocktail represents rather than the individual ingredients.

Miss Massenez
L-R: Miss All In (Vegas), Miss Kowloon

Hailing from Vegas, Miss All In cocktail is a mix of Eau de Vie Poire William Massenez with Creme de Mure (blackberry), shaken and topped with cranberry juice. Miss Kowloon is a refreshing mix of muddled lime with Creme de Gingembre (ginger).

To launch the event in Paris earlier in the year, five young women were chosen to live the Miss Massenez life over a couple of days. They were given clues to follow which included a weekend of pampering and indulgence as they followed her all over Paris.

Miss Massenez
L-R: Bernard Baud (Massenez), Elodie Naslin (Massenez), Gabriel Chaise (Cerbaco – importers)

Sydney is set to have its turn soon when the Massenez team returns in February to launch a public event… running after Miss Massenez.

Miss Massenez


The Miss Massenez masterclass was held at Ananas Bar and Brasserie on Thursday 15 November 2012. Gourmantic attend the event as a media guest.


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