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Apera O’Clock and Topaque Time

Would you like a glass of apera tonight, or a sip of topaque after dinner? No, we’re not speaking another language or inventing a new drink.

Apera is the new name for Australian-made sherry, not to be confused with Aperol, the Italian aperitif, or aperitivo hour. Topaque is an Australian fortified wine made from 85% muscadelle grapes, formerly known as Tokay.

Apera Topaque
Toquay & Apera

Now that introductions are out of the way, the new nomenclature, which has been officially accepted into the Macquarie Dictionary Online, is the result of a trade agreement between the Australian Government and European Union about protecting terroir, similar to what discerns champagne from sparkling wine.

Apera is available in dry, medium-dry, medium sweet/semi-sweet and sweet which makes it versatile in a variety of cocktails. Topaque is rich and luscious, and can even be used as a decadent ice cream topping. Keep an eye out for them in bottle shops and try making our own cocktails. You’ll soon be enjoying Apera O’Clock and Topaque Time.

L-R: Australian Twist, Apera Cobbler, Pink Mojito

Australian Twist
45 ml bourbon whiskey
15 ml medium sweet apera
dash of bitters
Garnish: lemon twist

Method: Pour bourbon, apera and bitters over ice in a stirring jug or shaker and stir until the required level of dilution is achieved, strain into a Martini glass or coupette and add the lemon twist.

Apera Cobler
20 ml dry pale apera
2 strawberries
2 orange wedges
2 lime wedges
2 lemon wedges
Garnish: mint sprig

Method: Add all the fruit to the glass and muddle gently with a bar spoon to release juices. Build apera over fruit adding crushed ice. Stir over ice to mix ingredients and achieve required dilution.

Pink Mojito
2 mint sprig
60 ml soda water
4 lime wedges
15ml medium sweet apera

Method: In a highball, add mint, lime and sugar then top with crushed ice, build apera and stir through before topping with soda and more crushed ice.


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