Toko Surry Hills

Toko Restaurant & Bar in Surry Hills has welcomed autumn by launching a new seasonal menu. Using local produce, the dishes are chosen to reflect harmony with the seasons.

Toko, Surry Hills
Toko, Surry Hills – Private Dining Room

Guests are welcomed into the private dining room with sunken floor with a “light” Lychee and Jasmine Mojito, fresh and easy to drink without overpowering the palate at the start of the meal.

The menu features nine tasting plates with Head Chef, Benjamin Orpwood explaining the dishes and the traditional techniques used to create the array of flavours and texture. Below are the highlights of the autumn menu at Toko.

Toko, Surry Hills
Freshly sliced kingfish, yuzu and chives

Toko, Surry Hills
Venison carpaccio, nashi pear, yuzu koshu

Toko, Surry Hills
Cured kingfish belly, pickled nashi pear, wafu gel

Toko, Surry Hills
Seafood gyoza, ponzu, mache

Toko, Surry Hills
Baby bottled squid, ume boshi, salmon, cucumber, sorrel

Toko, Surry Hills
Garfish, ginko nuts, yuzukoshu, israel’s puree

Toko, Surry Hills
Steamed snapper, dashi broth, organic seaweed

Toko, Surry Hills
Grilled quail, truffle miso, Japanese mushrooms

Toko, Surry Hills
Classic Toko desserts

The venison carpaccio with yuzu koshu and nashi pear is among the favourites, thinly-sliced and flavoursome with a delicate game flavour. The baby bottled squid is beautifully presented and has a lovely, soft texture with ume boshi, salmon, cucumber and sorrel. Garfish is not often seen on menus and the garfish with ginko nuts and yuzukoshu, topped with pieces of fried spine celebrates the natural flavour of the fish.

The standout dish is the steamed snapper with dashi broth and organic seaweed, a perfect balance of flavours and a broth good enough to savour to the last drop.

The selection of classic Toko desserts satisfies those with penchant for sweets, in particular the coconattu pannacotta with strawberry and coconut foam, torokeru chocolato, a hazelnut fondant and higawari mizugashi, a selection of homemade ice cream and sorbet.

A classic interplay of fresh flavours and textures while keeping it local and seasonal are key elements of Toko’s autumn menu. And that is ample reason to celebrate the arrival of the new season.

Toko Restaurant and Bar
490 Crown Street
Surry Hills, NSW
Ph: (02) 9357 6100


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