Mr CBD Crowned by Parched March at Brasserie Ananas

They came. They charmed. They strutted their stuff. Up on stage, they sang, and danced, and stripped before they were sold to the highest bidder – all in the name of charity.

Mr CBD is the inaugural event by Parched March, the month-long bar odyssey that supports Animal Welfare. Hosted at Brasserie Ananas, Disaronno Sours and bubbles and kept guests hydrated in anticipation of who will be voted Mr CBD for 2013.

Mr CBD at Brasserie Ananas

There were men in dapper suits, and beautiful women of all ages, some polishing their perve glasses. Canapés were served along with phallic-shaped desserts to get guests in the mood before the perve factor rose when the six finalists made their grand appearance.

There was Adam Halbert with his tanned skin and piercing blue eyes, a Macquarie Banker whose idea of the most fun to have in a suit is a Friday afternoon lunch, shoes off, at the Botanicals Gardens with a home-made picnic. A charmer, sweet talker and self-confessed ladies’ man, he knows how to woo. “If you want a man who’s going to open your mind and seal your heart, a bid for me is a bid for Mr CBD.”

Adam Halbert

Rupert Caldor, a jack of all trades, who is personal trainer and voluntary lifesaver, who takes photos of guys in suits. He spoke of having fun in “suitjamas” and declared his favourite” position” as the hamstring stretch – not doggy style as the crowd thought.

Rupert Caldor

Tall, thin, with European good looks, Cae Thomas has a secret talent that involves his tongue. A lover of fine wine and fine dining, he likes waking up and seeing the girl wearing one of his tailored shirts.

Cae Thomas (middle)

Then came Angelo Bourras, or Angel with an “O”, a 27 year old who presumably brought a cheering squad. “My suit is like my second skin. I wear it six days a week,” said the real estate agent from Potts Point. And what gets him to the climax, to the very end? “That I’ve done my job really well…”

Angelo Bourras

Tall, statuesque and whose best feature is his “arse”, John Owens the Irishman is not shy about showing his asset to the audience. He bakes, likes good company and good wine, and the most fun he could have in a suit is about who you’re with. “With me, you’ll never put Baby in the corner,” he said after declaring he enjoys a bit of Dirty Dancing.

John Owens

Last, but by no way least, it was Ritchie Phillips‘ turn, a  37 year old scientist from Cronulla, a quiet, unassuming type (at first) with a smile that hides mischief. A self-confessed foodie, his ideal first date involves tapas with red wine, cheese and sorbet for dessert. When it comes to the all-important size question – just how big is it – how many inches a woman may ponder when she’s back at his place, “It’s pretty big,” he said… of his plasma TV.

Ritchie Phillips

Ritchie put a fitting end to the introductions by stripping down to the tune of “you can leave your hat on” with cool moves revealing a smooth, waxed look. And the perv-o-metre went off scale.

Celebrity Auctioneer Justin Miller led the auction with a difference followed with the highest bidder winning a date with Mr CBD and a host of luxury prizes.

Adam Halbert sold quickly for $505, Rupert Caldor, sold for $400, Cae Thomas, sold for $700, John Owens, sold for $700 then the bid was doubled by his bosses at Westpac, Richie Phillips who stripped down to to his trousers, sold at $900. The overall winner was Angelo Bourras, who initially sold for $700 and then had the bid boosted to $1500 by supporters.

Angelo Bourras, “Parched March Mr CBD 2013”, received a bottle of Bowmore 18 year old and glass set plus two custom-tailored suits and a shirt from Instichu. The runner up, determined by a ‘clap-o-meter’, was John Owens.  John was presented with a gold crown by Parched March celebrity supporter Aaron Bruce, and also won the runner’s up prize of a custom-tailored suit.

L-R: Rupert Caldor, Amy Cooper, Justin Miller, Angelo Bourras (Mr CBD), John Owens (Runner up), Ritchie Phillips, Cae Thomas, Adam Halbert

The Parched March event raised over $8,000 in total for the Animal Welfare League NSW. Good times for a good cause. Indeed.


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