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Zeta Bar: Alto Tango

Get ready for romance and seduction with Alto Tango at Zeta Bar in Sydney’s Hilton Hotel.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Alto Tango

Every Friday from 12 July through to September, you can experience the glamour of 1930s Buenos Aires with new cocktails, South American inspired food and live entertainment. And for one night only on 19 July, World Champion Tango dancers Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa will perform and you can sign up for Tango lessons at Zeta Bar on July 20 and 21.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Tango Dancers

At the launch of the pop-up concept, guests watched the sultry dance moves of tango performers, body art live statue, a timeless photo booth and lively light projections with a live band and a DJ mixing ‘electro-tango’ beats.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Body Art Live

Alto Tango is the collaborative work of the Zeta Bar team with renowned mixologist, Russ McFadden from Behind Bars. The cocktails combine molecular mixology and classics with a selection of Argentine wines and beers on offer.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Cava Anana

Cava Anana ($19.00) is a fresh and fruity drink made with pineapple juice, star anise infused tequila, bitters and topped with Cava, served with a roasted pineapple skewer.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Gin Tonicá Granita

Gin Tonicá Granita ($18.00) is set to please with its boozy flavour where the gin dominates the palate. The granita is charged with Spanish inspired house-made tonic and finished with fresh lime and traditional botanicals.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Ibérico Melón

Ibérico Melón ($19.00) is made up of bacon fat-washed vodka and fresh citrus, shaken up with a splash of Chardonnay and served with a pistachio foam and a jamón-wrapped melon ball. The cocktail is enjoyable to sip but too much pistachio foam dominates the palate.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Chimichurri Shrub 

Chimichurri Shrub ($18.00) is a vodka drink mixed with house-made berry shrub, fresh lemon and a soda top. The cocktail is served long with a Chimichurri salt rim and a rosemary sprig.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Fernet Cola Sorbet

An Argentinian classic served Zeta style, the Fernet Cola Sorbet ($8.00) steals the show with a delicious mix of Fernet Branca and a spiced cola syrup resulting in an icy cold bittersweet sorbet for adults.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Russ McFadden with Fernet Branca Calimocho (left) Venezuelan Blazer (right)

Fernet Branca Calimocho is another crowd pleaser. Made with Fernet Branca, burnt lime juice, Coca Cola and Malbec, served with an orange slice encrusted with cloves, it’s a delicious drink to enjoy by the glass ($11) or by the bottle ($55.00) for three or more to share.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Venezuelan Blazer

Saving the best till last, the Venezuelan Blazer ($22.00) is not to be missed, made with cigar-infused Ron Zacapa Venezuelan rum, blazed with coffee and chocolate bitters.

Alto Tango’s food offerings are another delight to add to the experience. The Hilton Sydney’s executive chef, Carl Middleton has created a range of South American dishes to enjoy from the savoury to the sweet.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar

Ideal for sharing among friends, Picada ($28.00) offers a selection of cured meats and cheeses. Also available are Empanadas, ($20.00 for 6), with a choice of beef and cheese or sweet potato and cashew.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar
Deconstructed Choripán

For a touch of heat and spice, choose the Deconstructed Choripán ($18.00). Taking its name from chori meaning chorizo, and pan meaning bread, this Argentine street snack packs a spicy chorizo sausage with crusty bread, chimichurri and salsa criolla.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar

Lomito ($25.00) is another staple of Argentine street food. Grilled steak is served with sweet onions, chimichurri and salsa criolla on soft, panini bread.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar

For a sweet treat, Alfajores ($16.00 for 6 pieces) are traditional Argentine cookies, made with two pieces of shortbread, sandwiched together with dulce-de-leche (milk candy or caramel) that oozes with sweetness on the bite.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar is set to heat up Friday nights with seductive music and dance, themed cocktails and tasty bites that will have you dreaming of a visit to Argentina. And if you successfully participate in Zeta Bar’s social media competition, you will have the opportunity to win a trip for two to Buenos Aires flying LAN and staying at Hilton Buenos Aires.

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar kicks off on Friday 12 July 2013 at 6pm and continues every Friday night from until September 2013.

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Zeta Bar
Hilton Hotel Sydney
Level 4, 488 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9265 6070

Gourmantic attended the media preview of Alto Tango on Thursday 20 June, 2013.


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