Gourmantic Turns Four

Four years ago today, on 26th June 2009, Gourmantic was born. Prior to that date, it existed in another form, as a series of elaborate dinner parties at home with close friends, where conversations centred on travel experiences, food and drink discoveries and the romance of travel. Those soirées often lasted until 3 am with guests still comfortably seated at the dinner table.

Gourmantic Turns Four

Over the years, we have dined at many amazing restaurants, interviewed talented chefs, reviewed some of the best bars, tasted some sensational spirits, cocktails and wines and had the privilege of attending many unforgettable events. What has stood out like a shining beacon was the passion, the knowledge and the talents of the individuals in their respective industries.

Every year, when Gourmantic’s birthday comes along, we run out of time and ideas to organise our own event and hold a formal celebration. So before we raise a toast to four amazing years, we would like to take this opportunity to THANK each and every one of YOU for your continuing support, your friendship, and for being part of a delicious concept that started around a dinner table.

Corinne and Kevin


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Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is the founder and editor of Gourmantic. An avid scribe, she has taken pen to paper since the age of five. Her repertoire includes long works of fiction, short stories and travelogues. She is a winner of the GT travel writing competition, has judged the Australasian Whisky Awards and several cocktail competitions. She is also named in the Australian Bartender Most Influential List.


  1. BIG congrats Corinne! Does this mean you’ll be able to give your liver a breather and kick back and indulge with a few squares of Lindt Creme Brule? ;) Happy Birthday!

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