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Boozy Brunch: Foley Lane, Darlinghurst

Boozy Brunch. Is there a better word combination for a weekend morning?

Recently launched, the team at Foley Lane in Darlinghurst have created a New York style brunch concept which takes inspiration from their stay in the Big Apple.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane

Let’s get it straight. This is a boozy brunch for adults, ideal after a big night or when you’re in need of a pick-me-up. Don’t expect a café style experience with kids and prams and babycinos. The focus is on enjoying booze in the morning, with a choice of delicious share plates to suit.

The succinct menu takes the guess work out of choosing. Hung over? Start with the Bloody Mary de España ($10) with sherry vinegar and chipotle added for that extra kick. It comes in a large glass with a healthy celery stick to nibble on. Take two sips and you’ll be awake in no time. This Mary kicks like a mule and on the Blood Mary scale, we rated it a 5.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
L-R: Bloody Mary Classico, Bloody Mary de España

If you can’t take the heat, the Bloody Mary Classico ($10) is a gentler wake-me up, made with vodka, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice and olive oil – all in the right balance.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Pork and Potato Hash

After a heavy night, the Pork and Potato Hash with soft onion and a poached egg ($15) is a sight for sore eyes. You get a combination of melt-in-the-mouth pork pieces, crispy crackling, cubed potatoes and caramelised onions topped with a poached egg with an oozing yolk.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Pork and Potato Hash with Oozing Yolk

Is there a better start to the morning so far?

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Morning Martini

If you like fruit and booze, the Morning Martini ($10) is a good choice. Fresh, fruity with a clean taste, the Martini is made with Citron Vodka, Laird’s Apple Brandy, lemon, sugar and dried apricot. A touch of vintage glassware is a clever reminder that this is a serious drink.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Blueberry Margarita

With its blushing deep red colour, a scattering of fruit on top, the Blueberry Margarita looks deceptively innocent. Fresh, fruity, with a good balance of fruit and tartness, it starts soft on the palate and finishes with a hit of tequila that will make you smile. Cocktails have single shots and you can order a double shot for an extra $5.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Fried Green Tomatoes

Now that the booze is sorted, time to order more share dishes. The Fried Green Tomatoes ($13) are lightly crumbed, topped with sweet corn and feta which gives it a lovely creaminess.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Mushrooms with Ricotta

Hearty, meaty and earthy, the Mushrooms with creamy ricotta and eschallots dressing ($8) hit the right spot,

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Smashed Avo on Toast

while the Smashed Avo on Toast ($7) from the healthy menu option is served warm, with a generous serving of well-seasoned avocado.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Quinoa Hash Browns

Staying on the health option, the Quinoa Hash Browns ($4) with lime yoghurt are fluffy and light, with a delicious nuttiness from the grain,

 Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Rice Pudding with Cider Poached Pears 

and the Rice Pudding with Cider Poached Pears ($11) is sweet and smooth, like a big, warm hug on a bitter winter’s day.

Other dishes include the Bocadillo del Dia ($9), made with fresh sourdough bread with jamón and tomatoes, served warm. A vegetarian option ($5) has a potato tortilla with romesco sauce. There’s good coffee from Little Marionette which you can get with full cream or soy.

Boozy Brunch at Foley Lane
Foley Lane, Darlinghurst

Foley Lane’s Boozy Brunch is an experience you’ll want to tell your friends about, particularly when you plan your night out. The cocktails and share plates make a lasting impression and offer good value for money whether you choose from Hungover?, Healthy and In Between options. Hip hop music and upbeat tunes add a casual vibe but not so loud that you can’t maintain a conversation. Or if your head is pounding.

With Boozy Brunch on weekends and a full tapas bar by night, Foley Lane has put the Darlinghurst address on the map.

Foley Lane’s Boozy Brunch is featured in our guide to Sydney’s Top Breakfast & Brunch Spots

Foley Lane
371 – 373 Bourke St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Boozy Brunch Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm
Tapas Bar Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Saturday 5pm – Midnight; Sunday 10am – 3pm Closed on Tuesday


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