When your favourite Manly drinking hole closes for the night, ride the rails down to BRKLYN.

Brklyn, Manly

Located beneath Sugar Lounge along North Steyne in Manly, the dark, underground bar with a late night licence packs a crowd after 11 pm.

Brklyn, Manly
Industrial Stairs

Step down the staircase with train rail handles, and you’ll find a very dark and dim interior, rock walls, a Jack Daniel’s pool table, a jukebox giving the finger and very dark booths that are impossible to photograph.

Brklyn, Manly

There’s a television set broadcasting a sports channel near the bar and a Street Fighter arcade game.

Brklyn, Manly
The Bar

The bar is the latest addition to the venues owned by Adam Clarke and Kieran Bailey, joining Sugar Lounge, Harlem on Central and Miss Marley’s. The space previously existed as The Club on weekends, and later opened in November 2012 as BRKLYN.

Brklyn, Manly
Jack Daniel’s Pool Table

Arriving just on opening time shows the venue at its quietest as the underground bar mainly attracts the hospitality crowd and their friends, Laura Liisa Laasberg Manager explains.

Brklyn, Manly
Spirits on the Back Bar

The all-female staff bar carries a range of spirits, about five to six for each category and is popular for bourbon, whisky, beer and shots and Don Fulano tequila. Customers can also purchase bottles which are kept in recycled post office box drawers.

Brklyn, Manly
Cocktail List

Three pre-batched cocktails come served in a medicine bottle. Half is poured for you, and you help yourself to the rest. You’ll find a Negroni at $15, and the Godfather and Brklyn Aces at $18.

Brklyn, Manly
The Godfather

They may be pre-batched but the Godfather is delicious, strong and boozy. Made with Jim Beam and Amaretto, it has a prominent whiskey flavour with a pleasant, mildly bitter finish from the Amaretto.

Brklyn, Manly
Vintage Industrial Look

The cash-only bar has a 3 am license and keeps the food menu simple by serving 9″ Pizzas ($9) with a choice of ham and mushroom, pepperoni and chilli, the Brklyn Supreme and Smoked Cheese and Tomato and Hot Dogs ($8) from the kitchen of Sugar Lounge above. There’s a Jukebox DJ on weekends and Grandmaster Flash is known to have played there one evening.

Brklyn, Manly
Laura Liisa Laasberg, BRKLYN Manager 

BRKLYN is not a mainstream bar but it is an edgy late night hangout and a cool place to chill well into the early hours. If you started your evening at Harlem on Central and you’re ready to kick on, BRKLYN is a natural progression and a mere stumble around the corner.

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Basement, 42 North Steyne
(Underneath Sugar Lounge)
Manly, NSW 2095
Ph: 02 9977 7135
Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 pm – 3:00 am


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