Nespresso Coffee: Project Upcycle Artwork

Nespresso’s Project Upcycle has commissioned six leading Australian sustainable designers to create original artwork made entirely from sustainable materials, including Nespresso coffee capsules as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Nespresso Project Upcycle
Ecolaboration 2013 by John Dahlsen

The artists have since completed the two week challenge and their artwork will be on display in the states’ respective Nespresso Boutiques for the month of August.

At the media briefing held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, five artworks were featured, each highlighting the artist’s individual style and creativity using the aluminium capsules.

Ecolaboration 2013 by John Dahlsen (NSW) takes its inspiration from the Australian landscape. Entombed by Holloway Eyewear (QLD) reflects the artists’ creativity in designing eyewear and watches using recyclable materials.

Nespresso Project Upcycle
Entombed by Holloway Eyewear

In Motion & Full Circle by Alice Sutton (ACT) was inspired by the shape of the Nespresso capsule and the use of merino wool and bamboo materials in the fabric. The capsules were stacked together to create a weight and inserted into the hem of the dress and cape as well as forming a necklace.

Nespresso Project Upcycle
In Motion & Full Circle by Alice Sutton

Other artwork pieces include Padma Petalz by Ellie Mucke (VIC), Capsule Lifecycle by Katrina Freene (SA) and Pangolin by Sean E Avery (WA) which was inspired by the mammal, Pangolin and its keratin scales.

Nespresso Project Upcycle
Padma Petalz by Ellie Mucke

At the end of Project Upcycle, the six artworks will be donated to the artist or designer’s chosen charity.

Nespresso Project Upcycle
Pangolin by Sean E Avery

Nespresso’s Ecolaboration program has recently announced the ahead-of-schedule achievement of its sustainability targets: 80% of Nespresso coffee is now sourced from its AAA Program, it now has the capacity to recycle 75% of used Nespresso capsules, and the carbon footprint per cup of Nespresso coffee has been reduced by 20 %.

All Australia-wide Nespresso Boutiques now have dedicated recycling collections. The aluminium from the capsules is melted then reused and the coffee is extracted to go into organic compost farming.

To see the artwork, visit a Nespresso Boutique during the month of August. More information is available from the website below.


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