James Squire Orchard Crush Perry & the Pearfect Picnic

James Squire has released their new James Squire Orchard Crush Perry cloudy pear cider and is inviting Sydneysiders to host a Pearfect picnic.

James Squire Orchard Crush Perry is a traditional style cloudy pear cider, with “Perry” being the name given to ciders made from fresh pear juice. The cider is produced using seasonal, locally-grown pears that deliver a refreshing fruit hit, delicate fresh pear aroma, subtle sweetness and a soft finish.

James Squire Orchard Crush Perry
James Squire Orchard Crush Perry

How to host the Pearfect Picnic

To sit:  Make the most of the great outdoors  on  a bright sunny day, so bed down on a comfy patch of grass in the shade with a view. Think Watsons Bay, Nielsen Park or Wattamolla or Bundeena at the Royal National Park.

To pack: A comfortable blanket, an esky or good sized basket with cooler bag, real knives/forks/spoons /plates and glassware and don’t forget the sunscreen and mozzie spray.

To eat:  Turkey, pear and pesto baguettes, firm cheese and cured meats, fresh fruits like strawberries and figs

To drink: James Squire Orchard Crush Perry and still mineral water with straws.

To relax: No books, iPhones or Sunday paper – just the company of the persons you are with.

To play: Bocce, Croquet, or Frisbee. Or pack a deck of cards for a more relaxed option.

The new traditional-style cloudy Perry (or pear cider) is available nationally in both a 500ml bottle and on tap at selected venues across Australia.


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