Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point

Nostalgic for a trip to Japan? Wish you were back in Tokyo? Harajuku Gyoza provides pure and delicious escapism where you can (literally) “yum” and “sip” for a just a few bucks.

Located along Bayswater Road in Potts Point, the popular Izakaya is the second to open in Australia after Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point 

Perch yourself high on a bar stool, and we mean high, particularly if you are in the five foot vertically-challenged category. Or sit at normal height tables if you’re in luck. The cuteness factor tips the scale, with a quirky modern décor, a sweet-looking smiling face logo, waitresses dressed in cosplay gear and the words “Yum!” and “Sip!” written beneath overhanging red light shades.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Gyoza Grill

The “yum” menu is divided into simple categories, Gyoza, Side Dishes, Izakaya Dishes and Dessert. There’s a modest list of soft drinks, beer and wine, Sake and Umeshu (plum liqueur).

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Edamame, Koshihikari Rice Beer, Sake

Start with Edamame ($4) as you sip on the easy-drinking Koshihikari Rice Beer ($12 for a 500ml bottle), made from Niigata grown rice, Japanese malts and hops and be sure to order Sake ($7.50).

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Sake Ceremony

A large bottle will brought to your table and series of ceremonial shouts begin, echoed by the rest of the crew. The Sake is poured Izakaya-style into a small glass in a lacquered box that catches the overfill. Kampai!

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Pork and Duck Gyoza

The gyoza are not to be missed particularly the grilled whole prawn gyoza ($8 for 3 pieces) and the pork gyoza ($8 for 5 pieces) with their soft and thin casings. Other fillings include chicken and vege and you have a choice of having them grilled or poached.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Whole Prawn Gyoza

If you’d like a dipping sauce, the menu has instructions to make your own from the condiments at your table: 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part rice vinegar and chilli according to how much you can stand the heat.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Agedashi Tofu

Top picks from the Izakaya Dishes are the Agedashi Tofu ($7) with three pieces of lightly battered and deep fried tofu in a delicious broth made of dashi, mirin and soy sauce,

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Tenpura Eggplant

and Tenpura Eggplant ($6), lightly battered and deep fried, sprinkled with sesame in a sweet dipping sauce.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Pork Katsudon

The Pork Katsudon ($12) with lightly crumbed pork on top of rice is a little dry and improves with the addition of the DIY dipping sauce. Other temptations are the Chicken Karaage ($8), a popular choice among diners and the Pork Belly Kakuni ($13) which looks as if it would melt in the mouth.

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Salted Caramel Gyoza with Ice Cream

No matter how much you are enjoying the savoury dishes, leave room for the Salted Caramel Gyoza with Ice Cream ($9 for 3). Three pieces are deep fried and ooze with melted salted caramel on the bite. Need we say more?

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point
Decorative Plates

Harajuku Gyoza is fun, quirky and loud and it brings back the nostalgia of Japan and the district of Harajuku on Sunday during cosplay. The food comes out fast and is served in the order that is ready. A place for cheerful good times with friends, it’s not suitable as a place to linger or for a romantic dinner. Patrons change and tables are reshuffled as quickly as you look up from studying the Japanese cultural pop art on the melamine plates which you can take one home for $24. The wait staff are all cuteness, politeness and attentiveness. Go there for a quick bite, good fun, and memories of Japan. Walk in hungry and you’ll walk out happy.

This is as kawaii as it gets this side of Japan.

Harajuku Gyoza is featured in our guide to Sydney’s Best Japanese Restaurants.

Harajuku Gyoza
9-15 Bayswater Road
Potts Point NSW
Open 7 days 11:30am-11:30pm (Kitchen closes at 11pm)


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