InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer

If you were take a look inside the Gourmantic freezer, you may be surprised at what you would find. And I don’t mean the ubiquitous bottle of spirit or two kept chilled for a dry Martini.

Despite being out regularly reviewing restaurants and bars, entertaining at home was the foundation of Gourmantic, the platform for exchanging stories of food, travel and drink discoveries at elaborate dinner parties for friends.

Committed to buying fresh food and recycling as much as possible, food waste such as vegetable and meat scraps, chicken fat trimmings and fish bones invariably end up wrapped in plastic bags and kept in the freezer until the next garbage collection. This takes up prime space and in the hotter months, the freezer can fill up quickly with waste just to prevent it from rotting in the kitchen tidy bin or in the garbage bin in the courtyard.

Recently we had an InSinkErator Evolution 100 unit installed. The installation went smoothly considering a larger sink hole was to be cut into the existing sink.


The unit is small enough not to take up too much cupboard real estate. Operation is surprisingly quieter than earlier models I remember as a child in my aunt’s kitchen. There are no blades so the unit is safe and food waste is pulverises into tiny particles that are easily flushed away.

InSinkErator Evolution 100

The Evolution 100 unit takes vegetable scraps, fruit pits, egg shells, pasta, rice, meat scraps, coffee grounds among others and is equipped with technology that enables it to grind stringy or fibrous food such as corn cobs, husks celery, banana peel and onion skins.

The unit is run under cold water only to protect its mechanisms thus saving energy at the same time. Only natural food waste can go into the disposer, ie no shells, glass, string or feathers and naturally, fat, grease and oils should never be poured down any sink.

InSinkErator in Use

The unit requires no cleaning, only a few seconds of running water to flush away with every use. And best of all, I can reclaim the freezer space for a much better purpose.



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