China Republic, Sydney

Traditional Chinese cuisine has become a lot more exciting with the opening of China Republic at Sydney’s World Square Shopping Centre.

China Republic, Sydney
China Republic, Sydney 

Stepp past the four metre terracotta warrior at the entrance and into the 1200 square metre dining room, you’ll quickly forget that you’re in a shopping mall. The lavish $8 million dollar venue is resplendent in fine taste, a design by the talented team at DS17.

China Republic, Sydney
Red Table at the Rear

Dim lighting, elaborate dark furnishing, parasols on the ceiling and traditional Chinese furniture give more than a nod to the Oriental design of the sleek and modern restaurant.

China Republic, Sydney
Peking Duck Ovens with Chefs Carving Duck

A living goldfish pond surrounds two elevated kitchens offering diners a view of the experienced kitchen staff. One kitchen has been built exclusively for Peking duck and can roast over 20 ducks an hour.

China Republic, Sydney

On the second level, a bamboo scale model of the Forbidden City imperial palace greets diners. Three terracotta warriors cast a watchful eye on an expansive dining space surrounded by four elegant private rooms.

China Republic, Sydney
Private Dining Room

Each room has an original design, furniture and colour scheme, seating between eight and sixteen guests,

China Republic, Sydney
The Imperial Private Dining Room

with an imperial private room catering for eight persons.

China Republic, Sydney
Chinese Parasols

An extensive wine list complements the food with premium local and international wines, cocktails, a list of spirits, beers and Asian teas. Start with the Concubine Yang made with Pampero Blanco rum, fresh pineapple juice and lychees. It’s slightly sweet but works well as an aperitif style to the cuisine that follows.

China Republic, Sydney
Concubine Yang

The menu at China Republic is presented as a large, hard cover book, elegant in design, showcasing each dish artistically on the page.

China Republic, Sydney
Chef Yu Declaring China Republic Open

A section is devoted to the Top 10 Menu with recommended dishes originating from China’s centuries-old heritage. The rest follows with an expansive offering of cold and hot entrees, soups, main courses which include live seafood and well presented desserts.

China Republic, Sydney
Beijing Style Spicy and Sour Cucumber

A thirteen course dinner begins with a series fishes, each traversing various regions of China such as Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shandong and Sichuan. Cold dishes begin with a tasty appetiser of Beijing Style Spicy and Sour Cucumber ($8) and

China Republic, Sydney
Eggplant and Coriander Salad with Garlic Dressing

the delectable Eggplant and Coriander Salad with Garlic Dressing ($12), strong on the garlic with touch of heat on the palate.

China Republic, Sydney
White Cut Chicken Served with Spicy Lemon Sauce

A Guangdong specialty, the White Cut Chicken Served with Spicy Lemon Sauce ($15) packs a lot of bold flavours from the sauce and has a lovely kick of ginger.

China Republic, Sydney
Beijing Style Tofu with Shallots and Fish Roe

The Beijing Style Tofu with Shallots and Fish Roe ($9) has the most unusual texture for a tofu dish. Resembling ricotta cheese, it’s light and seasoned, with the fish roe elevating the flavour of the tofu.

China Republic, Sydney
Chef Yu Preparing Soup and Hot Pot

Beijing trained Executive Chef and Co-Owner Mei Sheng Yu prepares a special soup dish from Yunnan served in two parts.

China Republic, Sydney
Chicken Broth with Seasonal Mushrooms (individual serving size shown here)

The first is a chicken and mushroom broth with six types of mushrooms.

China Republic, Sydney
China Republic Special Coral Trout Hotpot with Mushroom Broth

The other is China Republic Special Coral Trout Hotpot with Mushroom Broth (market price). The hotpot is served with a range of condiments including homemade chilli oil, bakes sesame, coriander, shallot, pickled mustard and a delicious hot Sichuan chilli that is not for the faint-hearted.

China Republic, Sydney
Traditional Tea Pot Wall

Next is the national dish of China, and one that features on the Top 10 Menu.

China Republic, Sydney
Chef Carving Peking Duck, Individual Condiments

Peking Duck ($88) brings theatrics to the dining table. The bird is flamed then carved artistically and served on a special duck dish with a side of condiments ($2 per person) made up of white sugar, garlic paste, shallots, cucumber, sweet bean paste (ho sin sauce), pickled cucumber, chopped red onion and Chinese mustard.

China Republic, Sydney
Peking Duck Presentation

A restaurant is serious about its Peking Duck when it presents patrons with a brochure detailing six steps on how to eat it. The crispy skin can be dipped into white sugar, a combination of fat and sweetness that go well together. The duck can also be dipped in a garlic paste or eaten in a flat pancake with shallot, cucumber and sweet bean paste. Another way is to add duck, cucumber and Chinese mustard to the pancake. A more novel way is to use the thicker pocket pancakes and fill them with duck, purple onion, cucumber and sweet bean paste. Of course, there’s the final option of creating your own.

China Republic, Sydney
Sauteed Banana Prawns

A series of hot dishes follow, starting with the sweet and juicy Sauteed Banana Prawns ($39). The prawns and cleaned and deveined but the shell and head remain attached which impart a lot more flavour to the meat.

China Republic, Sydney
Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts

The Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts ($19) is another dish from the Top 10 Menu, spicy and hot from the chilli, one that invites a cold icy beer.

China Republic, Sydney
Chef Special Sweet and Sour Pork Spareribs

The Chef Special Sweet and Sour Pork Spareribs ($21) are small morsels of ribs, sweet and tender, melting in the mouth with a sweet flavour.

China Republic, Sydney
Stir Fried Broccoli with Garlic 

Stir Fried Broccoli with Garlic ($16) are a welcome addition after the spicy hot dishes. The vegetables are crisp with a pronounced garlic flavour.

China Republic, Sydney
Sichuan Style Dumplings

The final savoury course consists of Sichuan Style Dumplings ($6, 3 per serve) with a silky smooth pocket served in a tasty hot sauce.

China Republic, Sydney
Assorted Dessert Plate

The Assorted Dessert Plate ($21.50 for 4-6 people, or $28.50 for 6-8 people) is an artful presentation of individual sweets meant for sharing.

China Republic, Sydney
L-R: Glutinous Rice Ball Stuffed with Mashed Fruit, Sweet Porridge

Alternatively, the Sweet Porridge ($5.90) and the Glutinous Rice Ball Stuffed with Mashed Fruit ($5.90) are a wise choice for a lighter option.

China Republic, Sydney
Three Warriors

Whether it’s in the classic elegance of the interior, the artful presentation of the dishes or the interpretation of classic flavours, China Republic seamlessly fuses the old with new. Every dish makes a lasting impression and invites subsequent visits to try more of the expansive menu. Service is attentive and polite, and the vibe is that of sophisticated dining making it a suitable choice to impress someone, to celebrate a special occasion or simply have a great night out.

China Republic
Shop 10.41 World Square Shopping Centre
Upper level, 680 George Street, Sydney
(Corner George and Goulburn Streets)
Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week
Bookings: + 61 2 8081 0888

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