Kaak Bi Loz (Marzipan)

During Christmas time or Eid in the Middle East, it is customary to offer sweets to visiting family and relatives or give them as gifts. Many home cooks begin to bake treats a few weeks ahead of Christmas or place an order for confectionery with their favourite bakeries and confectioneries.

Kaak Bi Loz (Marzipan)
Kaak Bi Loz

Kaak Bi Loz is not a traditional sweet that is offered at Christmas but it is a festive treat. Made of ground almonds and sugar, it is a specialty of Aleppo in Syria but you would rarely find it in home kitchens. The recipe and method are well-guarded secrets. Patisserie Azrak in Aleppo (also in Beirut and Montreal) is renowned for making them, if not creating them. Le Marzipan in Beirut is another, and it is said they had learned under the expertise of Azrak.

Kaak Bi Loz (Marzipan)
Kaak Bi Loz

Bite into these soft baked marzipan fingers for a sweet almond taste unlike any other. Kaak Bloz is a delicious treat on its own or with Arabic coffee, and like the good things in life, you can’t stop at just one.


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