Jacob’s Creek New Wine Label

The Island on Sydney Harbour, played host to the relaunch of Jacob’s Creek new wine label, a design that brings together elements that reflect the current direction of the brand.

Jacob's Creek Wine
Anne Martin and Louis Cheng

The new look came from the desire to modernise the brand while retaining its heritage. The logo includes three key elements, a wine glass, a flowing river that depict Jacob’s Creek as a real place and the two leaves which represent the vineyards planted by its founder Johann Gramp, the pioneer of Orlando Wines.

Jacob's Creek Wine
Jacob’s Creek Innovation

The event was an opportunity to taste several wines in the Jacob’s Creek range, Classics, Sparkling, Reserve and Innovation.

The Classics range goes back to the origins of the brand in 1976 and comparative tasting with varietals from the other ranges highlights nuances in style, bouquet, body and taste – a wine journey that has come a long way. The highlights of the Sparkling range are the Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Sparkling and the Blanc de Blanc, a crisp, zesty and fresh style of sparkling that is easy-drinking. The Jacob’s Creek Reserve range, synonymous with fine drops such as Chardonnay and the Caberbet Sauvignon were also on taste.

The Innovation range includes a Prosecco with notable residual sugar and the Cool Harvest series. The Twin Pickings range features and interesting wine, a blend of Pinot Gris with 15% Moscato, with a light carbonation that gives the wine a gentle fizz on the tongue.  The range also includes the Earth Vine Grape Organically Grown Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Jacob's Creek Wine
Wine at Sunset

The Jacob’s Creek relaunch was held at The Island on Thursday 6 February, 2014.

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