The Australian Brewery & Hotel, Rouse Hill

The Australian Brewery, a craft brewer in Sydney’s west is challenging popular traditions by having their range of brews exclusively in cans.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
The Australian Brewery

Located in the outer Sydney suburb of Rouse Hill, it is approximately 45 minute drive along the M2 motorway. When you take the turn into Annangrove Road from Windsor Road, you may think you’re about to enter a tin shed with a backyard operation. But this is far from the truth.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
The Brewery Bistro

The premises combine the brewery and the Australian Hotel Brewery, winner of the Best Traditional Hotel Bar category in the AHA 2012 Awards. The pub is a popular local venue that offers bistro dining, events facilities, even a kids room with televisions and games located within a watchful eye of the dining area.

Australian Brewery

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
The Brewery

Australian Brewery follows the German purity laws which means it employ four ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water.

The brewery was set up in August 2010 to the cost of two million dollars, and the first beer to hit the taps that same year was the Australian Brewery Pale Ale. The brewery uses a 2500 litre Canadian brew house, a 2 vessel system, where the brew starts and finishes in the same vessel.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
The Brew House

A variety of malts are used to impart a little sweetness, but they also provide sugars for fermentation. Roasted malts give the brew colour and aroma such as toffee and caramel characters while crystal malts give sweetness with raisins and dark fruit notes.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
L-R: Cascade Hops, Galaxy Hops

Hops, on the other hand, give fruity flavours such as citrus, pineapple, lemony and spice and they give the brew some bitterness. Galaxy hops impart passionfruit flavours while cascade hops give hints of orange peel and chocolate.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Malts and Hops

When it comes to water, minerals in the form of calcium salts are added to emulate the style of beer. The same applies to the yeast which is also dependent on the type of beer.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Canning Equipment

The entire operation is centred around canned beer which has several advantages according to head brewer, Neal Cameron. The cans are airtight, protected from light and oxidisation and represent a cheaper and lighter option. As a result, distribution and freight are markedly easier and have less of an environmental impact.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Beer on Tap

The range of products including 6 beers and a cider. Brews range from a German style Pilsner, a classic Pale Ale, an American style Steam Ale, a light Mexican style lager, the Extra Hoppy, a locally sourced apple cider and seasonal brews dependent on the time of year.

Australian Brewery Hotel

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Chef Sam Youngs

Dining at the Brewery Bistro is a casual and relaxed affair but with a point of difference.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Texan Style Smoker

Executive Chef Sam Youngs uses a Texan style wood smoker that provides continuous smoke and constant temperature to create some of the dishes on the menu. Many can be matched to the beers on tap, and the staff can offer advice on food and beer pairings.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Scallops with Peas and Pancetta

Scallops with Peas and Pancetta, go well with the lighter style of the Mexican beer,

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Smoked Kingfish

while the Smoked Kingfish, lightly rubbed with salt and Cajun spices pairs well with the Pale Ale which cuts through the oily fish.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Beer-battered King Prawns

Pale Ale Beer-battered king prawns are best enjoyed with the Pilsner.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Pulled Pork Slider

The Pulled Pork Sliders are made using pork shoulder, rubbed with light Mexican flavours, orange juice, smoked and braised with apple slaw in a brioche bun. The fruitiness of the Pale Ale beer makes it a good match or the Pilsner can xxx equally well.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill
Brisket Beef Slider

The Brisket Beef Sliders with celery remoulade and chipotle aioli are smoked for 16 hours, and make a delicious pairing with the flavour of the Extra Hoppy Ale.

Australian Brewery Hotel, Rouse Hill

The Australian Brewery beers are available at Dan Murphy’s, Camperdown Cellars, and select pubs and bars.

The Australian Hotel & Brewery
350 Annangrove Road
Rouse Hill NSW 2155
Ph: (02) 9679 4555


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