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Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick

Did you know that approximately 60 per cent of Australian hops ends up in export? With the annual hop harvest taking place in March, Tim, aka The Beer Pilgrim and Peter David, Lion Master Brewer hosted a Hop Harvest dinner at Chiswick Restaurant showcasing a selection of beer matched to a special menu.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Hop Harvest Dinner

Located in the private dining area of the Woollahra restaurant overlooking the garden, the room was redolent with the fresh scent of hops, used as elegant centrepieces among the orchids.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Hop Harvest Menu

Four courses and a canapé were matched with a range of hoppy brews, both local and international, with some dishes incorporating hops as an ingredient in cooking.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Cauliflower Croquettes

A canapé of Cauliflower Croquettes was served on arrival with James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale. The creaminess of the croquette and the freshness and fruitiness of the pale ale made for a good appetiser and a palate cleanser.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Oregano, Garlic, Wood-Fired Bread

Chiswick’s tradtional serving of wood-fired bread followed, flavoured with oregano and garlic, and paired with two beers,

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Galaxy Hop Cured Ocean Trout

along with the Galaxy Hop Cured Ocean Trout, Yarra Valley Roe and Lemon Verbena. The dish had a delicate seafood flavours and the pairing with Beck’s herbaceous character with a crisp finish picked up on the citrus notes of the ocean trout. The Pilsner Urquell, although preferred for its earthy and aromatic notes overpowered the dish.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Chiswick Steak Tartare

Chiswick Steak Tartare was paired with with James Squire The Constable Copper Ale and Spitfire Kentish Ale. The tartare was delicious, well-seasoned, fresh and textural with the meat cut in small chunks although it would have been better served with crostini that potato crisps. Both ales made a good match, and the Spitfire’s rich and peppery notes went well with the richness of the meat and spice. This was the best pairing of the Hops Harvest menu highlighting the umami flavours of the steak with a spicy kick.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Little Creatures Pale Ale, Knappstein Reserve Lager

For the main dish, Little Creatures Pale Ale and Knappstein Reserve Lager were chosen to go with the pork belly.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Super Pride Hop Roasted Pork Belly

The Super Pride Hop Roasted Pork Belly was hay-roasted and seasoned with fennel salt, served with a apple puree.Unfortunately, the pork was very dry and tough under the knife which detracted from what would have been a good flavour match of the hops in the pork and the fruitiness of the Little Creatures Pale Ale which was the preferred match.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Coleslaw and Little Creatures Onion Rings

A side of Coleslaw and Little Creatures Onion Rings accompanied the main course.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Roasted Peach, Granola, Feral Hop Hog Sorbet

Dessert put a sweet end to the night with Roasted Peach, Granola and Feral Hop Hog Sorbet though the beer flavour was not easily discerned.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
Aged Cheddar Cheese

Dessert and cheese were paired with Feral Hop Hog and the best discovery of the night, the Seven Sheds St Ella IPA. Robust and hoppy with fruity and tropical notes, the 6.1% ABV IPA paired well with the aged cheddar cheese and was a delight to sip for the rest of the evening.

Hop Harvest Dinner at Chiswick
L-R: Tim (The Beer Pilgrim) with Peter David (Brewing Development Director, Lion)

The Hop Harvest dinner was held on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at Chiswick Restaurant in Woollahra.

Photography © by Kevin Burke for Gourmantic – Copyright: All rights reserved.

Chiswick Restaurant
65 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
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