Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Cocktails

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum (40% ABV) is crafted in Jamaica using blackstrap molasses, spices and natural flavourings. The rum is subsequently finished in double charred blackened oak which imparts a distinctive dark colour.

On the nose, it hints at vanilla and cinnamon which explode on the palate along with caramel, cloves and a dry finish. The spiced rum goes well with cola and the flavour profile is that of it is a mixing style which lends itself to cocktails rather than sipping neat.

We took Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum to our home bar with these two cocktails, part of the “Get Creative with Dan Murphy’s” challenge which involves creating a new cocktail over the Easter long weekend using one of the many spirits available at their stores.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
L-R: The Captain’s Bloody Side Kick, Son of Rob

Son of Rob
The “Son of Rob” by @mrgourmantic is a tongue-in-cheek take on the Robson cocktail, a drink that accentuates the spice character of the rum.

45 ml Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum
20 ml simple syrup
10 ml orange juice
10 ml lemon juice
2 dashes of orange bitters

Shake with ice and double strain into a cocktail glass.

The Captain’s Bloody Side Kick
Since not all cocktails are to be enjoyed in the evening, The Captain’s Bloody Side Kick brings a dose of spice and rum to the classic Bloody Mary. We’ve used a smoked salt with bush tomato to give the drink an extra kick.

45 ml Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum
90 ml tomato juice
5 ml lime juice
1 teaspoon of horseradish
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
3 dashes Tabasco
3 dashes of hot pepper sauce
Smoked salt and bush tomato

Pour ingredients into a Boston shaker. Stir with ice.
Serve in a tall glass with a smoked salt and bush tomato mix.
Garnish with celery stalk.

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