Lobo Plantation’s Rum Journal

Let’s talk rum. No, we don’t mean to bring up bad memories of your early drinking experiences, the ones with the dark spirit topped with cola which made you swear off drinking it for life.

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Sydney’s specialist rum bar, the Lobo Plantation has launched Lobo’s Rum Journal, a comprehensive guide featuring over 230 types of rum, 40 classic rum cocktails and 5 special rum flights that will challenge your perceptions of the spirit in a grown up way.

If you haven’t been to the Lobo Plantation, you’re in for quite an experience. Take the steps down from Sydney’s Clarence Street and you’ll find yourself into an old-world hideout with a cool Caribbean vibe and a top notch bar team.

Rum flight are designed around regions and takes you through Central America, The Caribbean, French Caribbean, South America and a ‘High Rollers Private Jet’ for some less common and rare releases from the Lobo’s rare rum cabinet. Each rum flight takes approximately an hour and is presented by an expert team member of Lobo who tells you the story behind the rum and lets you explore the taste profile of each expression.

Rum is a complex and diverse spirit, whether it’s made from sugarcane juice, sugarcane syrup or molasses. It  comes in various styles such as the lighter Spanish, the darker and heavy molasses-based English style, the French style rhum agricole  and the triple distilled Cachaça from Brazil.

At the launch of Lobo’s Rum Journal, Lobo team members took turns in introducing each of the six rums from the Central America Rum Flight. Starting in Mexico with Ron Valientes 10yo, it was onto Guatemala with Ron Zacapa 23 then Fair Rum from Belize. After a short break, it was a trip to Columbia with Dictador 12 YO, then Venezuela for Diplomatico Reserva and finishing in Guyana with El Dorado 15. Every rum had a story and a different taste profile, some can be sipped neat, others go well in cocktails and mixed drinks.

Tempted? Get your friends together as there needs to be four or more persons then make a booking. Rum flights start from $60 to $399 per person, and if you’re after a customised flight experience, that can be arranged with prior notice.

If you find yourself captivated by your new-found knowledge of rum, Lobo’s Rum Journal is available for purchase for $45 soft copy and $80 hard copy. Think of it as your passport to the diverse world of this dark spirit.

The Lobo Plantation is feature on our guide to Sydney’s Best Rum Bars.

The Lobo Plantation
Monday to Thursday: 4pm-12am
Friday: 2pm-12am
Saturday: 4pm-12am
Rum flights are available from 4pm-7pm Monday to Thursday, 2pm-4pm on Friday and 4pm-7pm on Saturdays.


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