Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun

Move over brioche buns, the new Low Carb SuperBun is here.

Grill’d restaurant group has introduced the Low Carb SuperBun, a healthy alternative created to allow burger lovers to indulge guilt-free.

Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun
Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun Chilli Addict

But it’s not lettuce leaves and flavourless rice cakes. The Low Carb SuperBun is made from free range whole eggs, almond meal, organic coconut cream, psyllium husk and raw honey with no sugar added or preservatives. It’s paleo-friendly and suits people on a low carb diet as well as being gluten, grain and dairy free.

The initiative from Grill’d is an Australian restaurant first coinciding with the restaurant group’s 10th anniversary. For the launch, Grill’d has conducted The Carbfusion Study whereby they asked 1000 men and women from all around Australia about their eating and dieting habits as well as their understanding of the carb content of common foods.

Among the results, they found that 2 in 3 Australians have tried a diet or cleanse, 1 in 3 dieters found it difficult to give up burgers and 4 in 5 incorrectly believe that a burger is higher in carbs than Pad Thai. Perhaps the most surprising of the findings is that 70% believed that a burger is higher in carb content than a burrito.

The new Low Carb SuperBun on a Simply Grill’d burger has 17.4g of carbs compared to a Californian sushi roll which has 29.1g. The low carb bun on its own has less than 9g per bun and that makes all Grill’d burgers have less than 10% carbs.

Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun
Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun Mustard & Pickled with Zucchini Chips

When it comes to the taste, we put the Low Carb SuperBun to the test in two beef burgers. We tried the Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun Mustard & Pickled and the new Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun Chilli Addict.

At first look, the bun appears rigid like a biscuit but it is surprisingly soft, moist with the texture of a pancake. It is light and tasty on its own and it does not interfere with the flavours of the burger and leaves you full without that heavy feeling. Best of all, it does not taste like you’re eating some “diet food” which is well worthy of a thumbs up.

Fans of the traditional burger range need not feel threatened. Grill’d continue to provide their range of healthy burgers on traditional or panini buns. But this healthier newcomer is set to have broader appeal to those  conscious of their carb intake or following a specific diet or lifestyle.


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