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Top 5 Luxury Spirits 2014

Whether it’s age, craftsmanship, aesthetics, storytelling or exclusivity, luxury spirits are an indulgence that is afforded to the fortunate few.

In the last twelve months, we had the pleasure – and privilege – of tasting some exclusive, rare and ultra-premium spirits. Here are the top 5 luxury spirits of 2014 presented in no particular order.

1. Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo

Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo
Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo

Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is crafted from using oldest and most mature rums resulting in an ultra smooth spirit with oak, vanilla, chocolate and spice on the finish. The luxury spirit comes in a hand-blown decanter with a crystal stopper and is available through travel retail at $3500 per bottle.

2. Clase Azul Tequila Ultra

Clase Azul Ultra Tequila
Clase Azul Ultra Tequila

Only 100 bottle of Clase Azul Ultra Tequila are produced. The tequila is aged for 5 years in Oloroso sherry casks which masks the agave flavour but gives the spirit intense aromas of soft oak and spice. Caramel sweetness and spic dance on the palate. Clase Azul Ultra Tequila Extra Anejo retails at $2000.

3. The Glenlivet Winchester Collection 1964

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1964
The Glenlivet Winchester Collection 50 year old

Presented in decanter style bottle, The Glenlivet Winchester Collection 50 Year Old is the first release from the exclusive collection named after the Master Distiller. The luxury whisky has ripe orchard fruit, toffee, a hint of spice, white pepper and heathered honey on the palate. Only only 100 bottles are available globally and the whisky is priced at at $25,000.

4. Glenfiddich Excellence 26 YO

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old
Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old

Released earlier this year, Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old is matured exclusively in ex Bourbon American casks. The whisky has a fine balance of fruit and floral notes, dry tannins and spice on the back palate. The recommended retail price of Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old is $590.

5. Moutai Flying Fairy

Moutai Flying Fairy

Considered the luxury spirit of China, Moutai is made from sorghum and wheat. The spirit is distilled 9 times and aged in clay pots for approximately five years. An acquired taste for many, Moutai Flying Fairy has earthy notes, traces of soy sauce with a hint of smoke and sweetness. Moutai Flying Fairy comes in 500ml ceramic bottles with a RRP of $295 and other spirits in the range cost up to $5,000.

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