Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select & Holiday Holograms

The dimly-lit halls of Palmer & Co. in a back alley of Sydney’s CBD were the perfect place to announce the launch of Brown Forman’s latest edition to the Jack family, the esteemed Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select.

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The afternoon festivities were kicked off with a gorgeous Holiday Select Mint Julep. The single barrel, small batch whiskey was the perfect accompaniment to the mint and sugar, and the room instantly bonded over this well-crafted beverage.

The room was set with huge platters, stacked with an impressive selection of cheeses, pickles, breads, and cured meats. But it was the four tasting glasses at the head of each seat that had everyone’s attention.

The theme of the launch was nothing short of inspiring. Christmas has always been about family coming together, so Jack Daniel’s reached out to community in order to help reconnect family and friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. By using hologram technology, real-time conversations were setup between long-lost brothers and sisters, parents and children, even old mates abroad. But it was the heartfelt finale of this that really moved the room. You can see the full Jack Daniel’s Holiday Holograms video below.

Shortly after, Stuart Reeves, Brand Ambassador for Brown Forman stepped up and introduced the four whiskies. In a well-presented, incredibly informative tasting session, the entire range was explained and imbibed in order from softest (Gentleman Jack) to the boldest (Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select). The room declared the Holiday Select a clear winner, and well worth the price tag.

Before long, the group was whisked into the bar and shown how to make their own Holiday Select Sazerac. A drink predating almost all others, this libation really got the crowd humming a new tune. Making a drink was a first for most, and the room was filled with an air of excitement, mixed with an undertone of (possibly performance) anxiety. But with the quiet patience of an old hand, Stuart ensured everybody had made a magnificent mix of whiskey, bitters, absinthe and lemon oil.

With only 140 barrels for bottling, the Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select won’t last long. Try it neat; try it in a Mint Julep, or even a Sazerac. But most importantly, try it with friends and family.

Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select Holograms


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