Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills

As soon as you step thorough the grand floor-to-ceiling wine racks at the entrance to the revived Foveaux St Dining, (formerly Foveaux Restaurant and Bar), you know that you are in for a special experience.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills

The staff welcome you to a clean-walled, bare tables and softly-lit space punctuated by a background mix of killer tunes. Each table is a blank canvas, and diners make it their own by sharing company, conversation and fun over food and wine – something that owner chef Darrell Felstead is very passionate about, bringing people together.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Foveaux St Dining, Interior

The menu is created by Felstead and head chef Paul Gordon. It features the option of a six-course banquet or a la carte with dishes using classic French techniques inspired by Australia’s multicultural cuisine.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Pork, Apple, Skin 

From the snacks selection, the Pork, apple, skin (pork pate – $3 each) is rich in both texture and flavour and comes sprinkled with a mixture of dried apple and pork skin powder.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Barramundi Tartare

Barramundi tartare, lime curd, mango, cucumber and ponzu, (entrée $24) is  a delectable dish not to be missed. Tender chunks of fresh barramundi with a hint of lime curd, the sweetness of the mango, the slight watery cucumber taste and a subtle hint of ponzu make lingering flavours.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Crispy Chicken Wing, ceviche of Moreton Bay Bug

Every bit of the Crispy chicken wing, ceviche of Moreton Bay bug and sweet corn (entrée $26) is a burst of flavour.  The succulent crispy chicken wings and sashimi-grade Moreton Bay bug hit all the notes. Served with baby sweet corn along with the medley of fresh vegetable leaves, bouche flowers and corn flour powder, this is a dish that will bring you back.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Braised Tamarind Short Rib

Generously portioned, the Braised tamarind short rib, roast tri tip, eggplant, nashi fruit and coriander, (main $36) is cooked to perfection and the roast tri tip is very tender. The eggplant, nashi fruit and coriander add subtle flavours and texture. This dish leaves a lasting impression.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Brook Trout, Smoked Eel, Shaved Beetroot

Delicately prepared is the Brook trout, smoked eel, shaved beetroot and fermented beetroot dressing (main $32). The combination of the pink trout flesh fish and smoked eel enhances the flavours and comes served under a bed of shaved beetroot with a fermented beetroot dressing.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Green Beans, Garlic, Oregano and Lemon

Two accompanying side dishes, Green beans, garlic, oregano and lemon ($7),

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Kipfler with Beef Fat

and Kipfler with beef fat, capers and chervil ($7) complement the meals.

Foveaux St Dining, Surry Hills
Angel Cake

From the desserts, the Angel cake, strawberry, peppermint jelly and ginger sherbet sorbet ($15) completes a colourful spectrum of tastes, and makes a delicious way to finish off a fabulous banquet.

A selection of wines were paired with the meals including 2011 Domaine Pichot ‘Coteau de la biche’ Chenin Blanc from France, 2012 Pardas Rupestris Xarel lo Malavasia from Spain, 2013 Sigurd Grenache, Shiraz Barossa Valley from SA and 2010 Alois Kracher Beerenauslese from Austria.

With the casual and elegant vibe, there’s so much to like about Foveaux St Dining that you’ll want to share with your friends. And the Deli Bar Wine downstairs has a great wine list and simple food offering ( all under $10) which make it an ideal venue to enjoy  music, food and drinks.

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Foveaux St Dining
65-67 Foveaux St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 6pm – late


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