Centennial Park Honey

Located just outside the heart of Sydney, Centennial Park is home to eight European bee hives that produce the sought-after, Centennial Park Honey.

After it has sold out earlier in the year, the limited edition honey is back in time for Christmas.

Centennial Park Honey
Centennial Park Honey

Centennial Park Honey is 100% raw and unheated which gives it a full and rich flavour. As the bees collect a variety of nectars, each batch of honey is unique dependent on the amount from each plant that has been collected. The variety that the bees have in Centennial Parklands include melaleucas, lavender, roses, Canna lilies , jasmine, Acacias, Eucalyptus and the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.

The hives in Centennial Parklands are in the protected bird sanctuary which has also the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub in its boundaries. The hives have been successful with increased pollination across the park.

This unique honey is available from various locations within the park (eg Visitor Information Centre, Centennial Parklands Dining) with the latest spring harvest priced at $13 per 300g jar.


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