Yasa Caviar

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Yasa Caviar is produced in a desert outside Abu Dhabi and delivered to Australia within 24 hours of harvesting. The caviar is harvested from Siberian sturgeon using methods that cause no harm to the fish. Strict quality standards are employed by the hatchery using sustainable water resources and in consultation with some of the world’s top caviar experts. The roe from each fish is removed, hand processed, graded and air freighted.

Yasa Caviar
Yasa Caviar 

Yasa Caviar is unpasteurised and three grades are produced from the Siberian sturgeon. Grading is done according to size, texture and condition of the roe resulting in distinct flavour profiles.

Yasa Premium has the smallest sized roe and is reminiscent of Sevruga caviar. The flavour is salty, earthy and vegetal and the texture is creamy in the mouth. Yasa Elite has larger egg pearl with a buttery texture and lingering creamy notes with a hint of iodine and green walnut.

Yasa Caviar
Yasa Royal

Yasa Royal is a large pearl much like the Beluga sturgeon. The aroma is salty with the scent of the sea. The texture is firmer on the palate with a subtle pop releasing a creamy, salty and nutty flavour that lingers long on the palate. Yasa Royal is a sensational caviar and well worth the experience.

How to Eat Caviar

Yasa Caviar
How to Eat Caviar

Experiencing caviar is a sensory and sensual experience. Place a small amount of Yasa caviar on the back of your hand – or your partner’s – between the thumb and forefinger. Once it has reached body temperature, inhale the aroma before placing it in your mouth. Roll it gently on the tongue before pressing it against the palate to pop and release the flavour of the sea.

Yasa Caviar
Mother of Pearl Spoon with Yasa Royal

Alternatively, use a mother of pearl spoon to feed your other half and avoid metal implements which react with the caviar and alter the flavour.

Caviar is traditionally paired with a dry champagne or a chilled premium vodka.

Yasa Caviar is distributed by Luxe Seafoods and is available at Victor Churchill and David Jones’ food hall. Pricing starts from $65 for 20g of Yasa Premium and is available in a range of sizes up to 1kg across all three grades.

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