Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, Glebe

Once renowned Glebe locals, Alfie and Hetty occupied the two terrace houses that bear their names today. Now combined into one, the properties are still full of many original features. From the stained glass and high ceilings, to opposing staircases and fully working fireplaces, the venue makes you feel like you have entered either of their homes.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, Glebe
Alfie and Hetty Restaurant

With some lovely period dining tables, chairs and furnishings, you would be half expecting Alfie or Hetty to come down the staircases to join you for a drink and enjoy one of the many hearty dishes that the team at Alfie and Hetty Restaurant have created.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, Glebe
Alfie’s Lounge

Ascend upstairs and you’ll find the charming Alfie’s lounge, perfect for pre-dinner drinks offering cocktails, champagne, beer, wine and spirits from their drinks menu. Enjoy sublime city views from the mezzanine floor or simply relax on one of the two balconies overlooking Dr. HJ Foley Rest Park on Glebe Point Road.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, Glebe
Canadian Scallops

The food comes in generous servings and all reasonably priced. These tasty seared Canadian Scallops ($19) are perfect for starters. The cauliflower puree, white truffle and chorizo crumb enhance the naturally sweet flavour of the scallops.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, GlebeTempura Zucchini Flowers

The tender texture of the, Tempura Zucchini Flowers ($19), stuffed with three cheeses is delightful. The light tempura batter works well with the zucchini flowers and the balsamic glaze adds great flavour and complexity.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, GlebeChateaubriand 

Hetty’s signature roast for two is not to be missed and will definitely satiate two people. Depending on how hungry you are, the dish comes in a serving range of 500 to 900g and 1 kilogram. The slow roast and grilled Chateaubriand 500g ($66) is tender, pink inside and juices flowing served with baby roast potatoes and seasoned vegetables. The Cognac green peppercorn sauce is rich but not overpowering.

A glass of Locale 2013 Pinot Noir Geelong and 2014 Pinot Gris Clifford Bay make fine accompaniments throughout the meal.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, GlebeCrème Brulee

If there’s still a room for dessert, try the Crème Brulee ($12). A tap with the fork broke the perfectly caramelised top, and the vanilla custard is light, not overly sweet and makes a very pleasant way to end a filling meal.

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant, GlebeAlfie and Hetty Restaurant 

Alfie and Hetty Restaurant is also well-suited to special events, private and corporate parties. Enjoy entertainment at Alfie’s lounge every Sunday with local artists performing a range of classical, jazz and blues – it’s well worth a visit.

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Alfie and Hetty Restaurant
207 – 209 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe 2037
Ph: 02 8957 0652
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 5:30 pm
Weekends from 12:00pm


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