The Ternary, Darling Harbour

When it comes to a range of cuisines, Sydney is spolit for choice. Where else in the world can you dine on a breadth of local and international dishes conveniently at one’s doorstep. Now a new restaurant has upped the ante.

The Ternary
The Ternary, Darling Harbour

Located at Novotel Sydney in Darling Harbour, The Ternary brings an innovative concept of dining with a trio of distinct yet integrated dining experiences in a stylish venue.

The Ternary
Dirty Martini with a View

With floor to ceiling windows offering views of the city skyline, you can be treated to bar bites at the Wine Bar, delicacies from the Asian Kitchen and well loved dishes from the Australian Grill – all under the same roof.

The Ternary
The Asian Kitchen

Executive Chef Anthony Flowers is at the helm and with his team, they deliver an array of delicious dishes that can take your taste buds around the globe.

The Ternary
Naan Bread

The three pillars of The Ternary, as he calls them, start at the Wine Bar with a cellar door experience near the entrance. Wines and cheeses are available to taste, and guests are informed about each of the varieties before they take their seats.

The Ternary
Mint Yoghurt and Chutney

The second pillar is the Asian Kitchen which has a Tandoor oven, a yakitori grill, a wok station and a teppanyaki grill while the third is the Australian Grill with BBQ style cooking. In this relaxed style of dining, chefs are often seen interacting with guests particularly those lucky to be seated around the grill.

The Ternary
Betel Leafs

The tasting menu begins with tasty bites of Betel Leafs (3 pieces) with smoked flaked salmon topped with salmon pearls and fried shallots for texture.

The Ternary
The Ternary’s Fish 65 with Mint Yoghurt

Next is The Ternary’s Fish 65 with Mint Yoghurt which uses hake coated in Indian spices. The flaky fish is tender and juicy making one bite lead to another.

The Ternary
Seared Tuna with Somen Noodle Salad & Toasted Sesame Seed Dressing

Discs of Seared Tuna are presented on top of somen noodle salad with toasted sesame seed dressing, bringing clean fresh flavours to the palate.

The Ternary
Lamb Kofta Kebabs

Lamb Kofta Kebabs are to be eaten san choy bow style, by picking it up by the lettuce leaf. The lamb is tender and flavoursome and comes with a herb salad, mint and pomegranate yoghurt.

The Ternary
Grilled Cajun King Prawns with Toasted Corn

Grilled Cajun King Prawns with Toasted Corn is a superb dish that combines the sweetness of the prawn meat with citrus and heat form the spices.

The Ternary
Pulled Peppered Beef in Crispy Pastry and Water Chestnut

Equally delicious is the Pulled Peppered Beef in Crispy Pastry and Water Chestnut that has been cooked in masterstock for 12 hours, wrapped in brik pastry and fried. The beef melts in the mouth and the tang from the tamarind sauce makes a great complement.

The Ternary
Rajasthan Banjara Murg Masala Western Indian Chicken Curry with Whole Masalas

The dish with the longest name – Rajasthan Banjara Murg Masala Western Indian Chicken Curry with Whole Masalas – stands as testament to a good curry accompanied with basmati rice.

The Ternary
Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder

Roasted for 12 hours, the Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder with balsamic glaze is well worth a healthy appetite. The meat is tender, juicy and full of flavour – a comforting and delicious dish that pairs well with Louis Jadot Pinot Noir from Bourgogne.

The Ternary
Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sorbet

Leave room for the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sorbet. It’s sweet and decadent, and rounds off a fine meal with a port pairing.

With such a varied choice of cuisines at The Ternary, you can mix and match at your whim. Just bring a healthy appetite and worthy dining partners to experience culinary delights in a contemporary and relaxed setting with sparkling service and water views.

The Ternary
Hotel Novotel Sydney
Level1, 70-100 Murray St, Darling Harbour, Pyrmont


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