The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar

Melbourne had its fun last year, now it’s Sydney’s turn. The Gin Terrace is popping up at Cohibar in Darling Harbour to bring a gourmet botanical experience like no other.

The Gin Terrace @ CohibarThe Gin Terrace  

Running throughout April, The Gin Terrace is offering ten handcrafted Bombay Sapphire Gin cocktails – each based on one of the ten botanicals found in the gin – matched with tasting plates by Head Chef Stuart Murphy.

“The aim of every cocktail is to bring forward each botanical in the gin,” Josh Smith, Head Bartender explains. The drinks are therefore based on classics with a “Cohi twist”.

The Gin Terrace food menu progresses from combinations of entrees and mains to desserts in grazing style plates as if it were a full dining experience. Instead of using the botanical in the dishes, various flavours are used to enhance the botanicals in the cocktails.

Botanical: Juniper Berry
Cocktail: The June Bonnet

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
The June Bonnet & Sydney Rock Oysters

The botanical journey starts with the quintessential element of a London Dry gin, juniper berries. The June Bonnet combines Bombay Sapphire gin with Dubonnet, sugar syrup, lemon juice and egg white, and is paired with Sydney Rock Oysters with an Orange and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

The combination highlights the orange notes in an aperitif style cocktail while the acid in the vinaigrette balances out the sweeter element, making this duo a perfect starter.

Botanical: Cubeb Berries
Cocktail: Bloody Bombay 

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
Bloody Bombay & Salmon Sashimi

Cubeb berries are peppery and spicy and this duo is a match made in heaven. The Bloody Bombay uses Bombay Sapphire gin, wasabi, salt and cracked pepper topped with tomato juice accompanied by Salmon Sashimi seasoned with sesame and black pepper. The peppery notes and the wasabi along with the umami flavour of the sashimi make this one of the favourite combinations. This is a Bloody Mary worthy of becoming a regular on Cohibar’s menu.

Botanical: Angelica Root
Cocktail: Angelica’s Ruin

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
Angelica’s Ruin & Grilled Pork Chorizo Bruschetta

For Angelica’s Ruin, angelica root is smoked and captured in a glass before Bombay Sapphire gin is added to lime, sugar and egg white. The drink gets a smoky aroma which is complemented by the smoky and spicy Grilled Pork Chorizo Bruschetta with goats cheese and roasted red peppers.

On its own, the cocktail is a little light on flavour but works very well in the pairing.

Botanical: Cassia Bark
Cocktail: Epicurean

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
Epicurean & Cauliflower Stuffed Mushroom

For the Epicurean, cassia bark is muddled before Bombay Sapphire gin, ginger liquor,  apple liquor and apple juice are shaken and double strained an served with an apple fan as garnish. This is one well-crafted cocktail with a perfect balance of cinnamon spice, apple and ginger along with a good measure of gin – a drink that was originally created by Sam Bygrave, (formerly of Cohibar), Editor of Australian Bartender Magazine.

The cocktail pairs well with Cauliflower Stuffed Mushroom with grilled haloumi, tasty bites of baby mushrooms with a cauliflower veloute and melted cheese.

Botanical: Grains of Paradise
Cocktail: The David Attenborough

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
The David Attenborough & Paprika BBQ King Prawns

The next combination is the first of the “mains” and is the best pairing of the Gin Terrace menu. Grains of Paradise are sourced from the coastal areas of West Africa and they impart peppery and citrus notes which are highlighted in butterflied Paprika BBQ King Prawns served in their shell with a lentil, tomato and onion salsa.

The David Attenborough cocktail is made with Bombay Sapphire gin, Disaronno, Cohibar Grenadine, grapefruit, lemon and comes in a Grains of Paradise crusted glass. The drink combines spice, pepper, sour notes, a kick of heat and a hint of nuttiness in a perfect balance. You may find yourself taking a sip, then sucking any prawn meat from the shells to prolong the experience.

Botanical: Lemon Peel
Cocktail: The Lady Justice

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
The Lady Justice &  Balmain Bug Ravioli

The Lady Justice cocktail highlights the lemon peel botanical to a T. It’s a refreshing and balanced mix of Bombay Sapphire, St Germain, lemon juice and sugar syrup. The pairing with Balmain Bug Ravioli in olive oil, tomato, lemon and chives may sound like a no brainer, but the the silky pasta with Mediterranean flavours makes it a dynamic combination.

Botanical: Coriander
Cocktail: The Coriander Bramble

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
The Coriander Bramble &  Orange Glazed Quail

Coriander is another prominent element in gin and here the botanical is used in The Coriander Bramble, made with Bombay Sapphire, coriander leaves, lemon juice, sugar syrup and a creme de mure float.

The coriander cuts through the sweet notes of the drink and the pairing with Orange Glazed Quail on avocado puree with an asparagus and bean salad is another fine example of complementary food and drink. The quail is tender and succulent – it is a dish worthy of being on the regular food menu.

Botanical: Oris Root
Cocktail: Purple Rain

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
Purple Rain & Lavender Trifle

The first of the dessert style pairing is the Purple Rain that highlights the orris root botanical. The cocktail combines Bombay Sapphire gin with St Germain, lemon juice, sugar syrup, rosewater and lavender. The flavours are delicate, feminine and floral and the pairing with the Lavender Trifle complements the light floral elements without it being a girly drink.

Botanical: Liquorice
Cocktail: All Sorts

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
All Sorts & Rosewater Parfait

The All Sorts cocktail is based on the Liquorice botanical and is made with Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon juice, St Germain, housemade grenadine, sugar syrup and three sprays of Pernod. The cocktail has a lovely subtle anise flavour and for maximum enjoyment, we recommend nosing the drink first with the mouth slightly open then taking a sip before breathing out.

The Rosewater Parfait with Crumbled Pistachio and Persian Fairy Floss works a treat with the cocktail, highlighting Middle-Eastern flavours with a whimsical touch of fairy floss.

Botanical: Almond
Cocktail: Cloud Nine

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
Cloud Nine & Almond Pannacotta

The aptly-named Cloud Nine highlights the almond botanical with a combination of Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orgeat foam with caster sugar topped with almond toffee. Essentially is a lemon meringue pie in a drink, the sweet notes uplift the bitterness of the almonds and the sensual texture of the Apricot Pannacotta puts a fine end to the gourmet botanical experience.

The team at Cohibar has created a fine gourmet botanical journey with well-crafted cocktails and dishes to match. It is well worth booking for all 10 courses to enjoy the gourmet botanical journey as it progresses from lighter grazing dishes to mains and desserts. Otherwise, here are our top 4 picks:

1. Bloody Bombay with Salmon Sashimi (Cubeb Berries)
2. The David Attenborough with Paprika BBQ King Prawns (Grains of Paradise)
3. The Lady Justice with Balmain Bug Ravioli (Lemon Peel)
4. Cloud Nine with Apricot Pannacotta (Almond)

The Gin Terrace @ Cohibar
L-R: Stuart Murphy (Head Chef), Josh Smith (Head Bartender), Renata Dare (Bartender)

The Gin Terrace runs throughout April and opens from 4pm until 10pm every Sunday to Thursday. Tickets are $20 pre-paid (plus booking fee) or $25 over the bar (subject to availability) and include one cocktail and one tasting dish.

For group ticket options, 4 courses cost $80 per person, 6 courses cost $95 per person, 8 courses cost $110 per person and all 10 courses cost $125 per person. For 6 courses or more, smaller cocktails are served to comply with RSA.

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