Raise a Glass for the Cask: Cask Wine Turns Fifty & Giveaway

When we think of Aussie icons, a string of Australiana comes to mind: Vegemite, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, the Hills Hoist even Dame Edna. But there’s another Australian icon, a quiet achiever that is turning 50 years old this year. And it’s reason to celebrate.

Cask Wine
Cask Wine

Cask Wine Turns Fifty

Back in 1965, Tom Angove in South Australia created the first cask wine as a means of having a versatile and convenient way to carry wine and keep it fresh. His innovation heralded a new way of improving the packaging of wine and making it more accessible. The patent was issued to the company on 20th April 1965, declaring that Thomas William Carlyon Angove as the inventor.

My first experience with cask wine coincided with my culinary education. As a late starter, I learned how to cook in my mid-20s. Self-taught, using a bunch of second hand Cordon Bleu Cooking Series cookbooks, most of the recipes listed wine as an ingredient. I rarely drank wine in those days and having a variety of cask wines on hand was convenient and well-suited to my lifestyle for when friends dropped in.

Today’s cask wine has evolved from its predecessor with a focus on a quality drop, prolonged freshness and lower environmental footprint than glass. Major wineries such as De Bortoli and Brookland Valley have partnered with cask, and Winesmiths’ mantra of putting put the ‘box’ before the ‘bottle’ is another bold step forward. In fact, the industry helps support more than 60,000 jobs across 64 wine-producing regional communities in Australia.

And that’s good reason to reach for a cask and celebrate this Aussie innovation.

3 Best Travel Locations to Take Cask Wine

Another good reason is the convenience that cask wine affords when travelling. Here are three top travel and lifestyle activities in which to enjoy cask wine.

1. Coastal Road Trip

Cask Wine

There’s nothing like the freedom of packing the boot of the car and taking a road trip – it’s as Australian as the Big Merino. Whether it’s a day-long drive from Palm Beach to Cronulla, or the bucket list of all road trips, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, there are vistas to enjoy and discoveries to be made. And what can be better to than to sit back and relax with a glass of wine which has travelled safely in its cask on our adventure.

2. Romantic Picnic at Royal National Park in Wattamolla

Cask Wine

Our fair city is dotted beautiful national parks and an impromptu romantic picnic is never far away. With its beach, lagoon and waterfall, Wattamolla in the Royal National Park is an ideal spot to lay a picnic rug, unpack a basket with a selection of cheese, cured meats and crusty bread and pour a glass from the cask. But when the romantic mood is interrupted by a lively family pooch running everywhere including all over your picnic rug, with the sealed cask, the precious liquid is safe.

3. Sailing on the High Seas or up a Lazy River

Cask Wine

On those bright sunny days, what can be more enjoyable than being on the water, be it by sail or motor, with a group of friends. As the captain steers across the waters and the sea spray on your skin, it feels good to be alive. No need to worry about waves or the wash of other boats knocking the wine over. Your cask is safe and only delivers the wine when you use it.

When it comes to taste, Winesmiths Pinot Grigio is a crisp and fresh drop, with aromas of fresh apples and orchard fruit and vibrancy on the palate to be enjoyed on any occasion. Brookland Valley Verse 1 Cab Merlot 2013 is a versatile wine with dark fruit and berry notesto be enjoyed with anything from a picnic to a cheese platter. Medium-bodied with flavours of plum and berries along with fine oak, De Bortoli Premium Reserve Shiraz is an ideal accompaniment to the great good Aussie barbeque with steak, sausages and skewered meats.

“Raise a Glass for the for Cask” Giveaway

There are many ways to enjoy cask wine and it doesn’t end here. Many activities are being planned around the 50th anniversary and you can be part of it. Gourmantic is giving away prizes to help you raise a glass for cask.

There are three fantastic prizes to be won by three winners: (each winner will win one prize)

  • Brookland Valley: Magnum Gift Pack
  • Winesmiths: The Winesmiths Picnic Basket
  • De Bortoli: Retro Cooler, wine glasses, apron, wine

Brookland Valley Magnum Gift Pack

For your chance to win one of these great prizes, “Like” the Gourmantic Facebook page now. Tomorrow (Tuesday 28 April), we will post a photo with the details on how to enter. The three most interesting entries will win one of the above prizes. The competition is open to Australian residents only and ends on Wednesday 6 May 2015 at midday. The lucky winners will be notified on Facebook.

Good luck!

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