Kazbah, Darling Harbour

With sections of Darling Harbour currently undergoing major renovations, one could forget about the breadth of international cuisines that are dotted along Harbourside Shopping Centre.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Kazbah Darling Harbour

Kazbah at Darling Harbour is located at Harbourside and is part of the Kazbah group of restaurants which originated in Balmain and recently opened in Potts Point by owners Zahi and Penny Azzi. The cuisine takes inspiration from Lebanon and North Africa and the experience is one that reflects the hospitality of the region.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
961 Lebanese Pale Ale & Arak

A glass of Ksarak Arak and 961 Lebanese Pale Ale are the perfect way to start the Royal Dinner Feast ($65 pp – min 8 persons) which consists of a 15 course spread spanning mezze, grilled meats and the more substantial tagines. A la carte dining is also available with prices shown for reference.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Hummus, Babaghanouj, Taramasalata & Bread

A trio of dips ($8 each) heralds the start of the feast with a silky smooth hummus made from chickpeas, smoky baba ghanouj made with eggplant and tahini and taramasalata with a fresh and zingy flavour that makes it the favourite of the three, accompanied by crispy wedges of fried Lebanese bread.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Rocket, Walnut & Quinoa Tabouli

Next is the Rocket, Walnut & Quinoa Tabouli ($14), a modern take on the classic that substitutes burghul for quinoa and comes served on lettuce leaves,

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Fried Cauliflower, Eggplant Jam, Pinenuts, Yoghurt Tahini Sauce

and another vegetarian option with Fried Cauliflower ($15) and eggplant jam drizzled with yoghurt tahini sauce and pinenuts.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Spicy Lamb Mince & Pinenut Boreks, Tzatziki

Boreks come by the piece ($4 each) with a spicy lamb mince filling and pine nuts topped with tzatziki.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Kataifi Wrapped Prawns, Muhamara Sauce

Kataifi Wrapped Prawns ($6 each) sit on top of muhamara Sauce, a spicy dip made with walnuts.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
BBQ Garlic & Harissa Marinated Octopus, Skorthalia

The BBQ Garlic & Harissa Marinated Octopus ($22) is tender to the bite and topped with a creamy skorthalia.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Whole Baked Baby Snapper, pistachio samke hara sauce

From the specialties comes the Whole Baked Baby Snapper ($34) topped with a pistachio and samke hara sauce but the fish was slightly overcooked to fully enjoy the combination of flavours.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Lemon Baharat Chicken Shish Kebab

The Lemon Baharat Chicken Shish Kebab ($32) makes a grand entrance on long skewers topped with a caraway capsicum crème fraîche and parsley pesto sauce served on a mixed nut pilaf.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Roasted Duck, Falafel, Honey Baked Quince

Duck is not often seen on Middle-Eastern menus and Kazbah’s Roasted Duck with Falafel and Honey Baked Quince ($35) is a delightful dish that is more reminiscent of French cuisine but with Middle-Eastern spices. Head Chef Wasim Shaikh explains that the duck is slow-cooked a day in advance and left to rest overnight in the rich sauce with ras el hanout spice, chermoula and red wine reduction which imparts more flavour to the meat. The result is a delicious dish worth ordering on the next visit.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Lamb Shank Tagine

An additional course is served. The Lamb Shank Tagine ($33) with prunes, carrots, kidney beans falls off the bone and melts in the mouth.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
The Casablanca Royale Tagine

The best is yet to come with the Casablanca Royale Tagine ($68 for two people). Once the lid is lifted of the tagine, the aroma permeates the air and the 12 hour braised lamb shoulder with roast vegetables and sultana jam is nothing short of sensational.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Carrot Steamed Couscous, Rice Pilaf

The main sized dishes are accompanied with Rice Pilaf, a light and fluffy Carrot Steamed Couscous,
Kazbah Darling Harbour
Fattoush Salad

Fattoush Salad ($10) with tomatoes, cucumber, sumac and toasted Lebanese bread,

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Chips with Kazbah Seasoning

and Chips ($10) sprinkled with Kazbah’s own seasoning.

At this point, one should leave room for dessert,

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Kazbah Bomb

as the Kazbah Bomb ($28 for two) is not only spectacular but well worth every mouthful of Turkish delight ice cream, blueberries & Kurrant vodka.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Umm Ali

Replacing the baklava on the menu is a new addition called Umm Ali ($12), a freshly-baked rosewater bread pudding with nuts and raisins made with croissants, Danish pastry with cardamom and cinnamon.

Kazbah Darling Harbour
Turkish Coffee

A Turkish Coffee ($4.50) with Turkish delight put an end to the feast, and all was left was to go on the balcony and smoke an apple shisha and watch the world go by against the backdrop of city lights.- something for next time.

The Royal Dinner Feast costs $65 per person and is available for groups of 8 or more and is compulsory for groups of 10 or more. If you’re dining a la carte, top picks are the trio of dips with hummus, baba ghanouj, taramasalata and bread; Kataifi wrapped prawns with muhamara sauce; Casablanca Royale Tagine; Roasted Duck with Falafel, the Lamb Tagine, and to finish, the Kazbah Bomb.

Harbourside Shopping Centre has almost 30 restaurants and cafés and you can take your taste buds on a food safari to India at Zaaffran restaurant, to Greece at Cyren, Italy with Criniti’s, Spain at Toros Tapas and Bar, China at Dragon Boat, Japan at Kamikaze and South Africa at Hurricane’s Grill.

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Kazbah Harbourside Darling Harbour
Shop 284 The Promenade Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, NSW 2000


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