New World Projects Strawberry and Mint Gin

Renowned for its whisky, New World Whisky Distillery in Melbourne has released their first gin, a small batch seasonal release called New World Projects Strawberry and Mint Gin.

The gin is made using neutral grain spirit and 15 botanicals which are macerated for 24 hours and distilled. The still column is then packed with the strawberry and mint botanicals and distilled using the vapour method due to being lighter and more delicate.

New World Projects Seasonal Gin
New World Projects Seasonal Gin

The full composition of the botanicals remains a secret but the story behind this first seasonal release is that it was simply inspired by two ingredients which were on sale and abundant during summer.

The gin is bottled at 40% ABV and has fruity and sweet aromas with traces of fresh menthol. Light on juniper, the palate exhibits freshness and vibrancy with traces of menthol and the flesh of ripe strawberries. The finish is cooling and rather short and sharp which does not make it a sipping style of gin.

New World Projects Strawberry and Mint Gin would do well in a gin and tonic using Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic as it would complement its delicate floral character.

Only 175 bottles of the gin were produced and you’ll find the New World Distillery Gin  mainly sold at cellar door and in select bars. Keep an eye out for the next seasonal release, Spiced Pumpkin Gin, which is one week away from being bottled.

New World Whisky Distillery  produces the Starward range of whiskies including the newly-released Starward Wine Cask Edition 1.

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New World Projects Strawberry and Mint Gin was tasted at the New World Whisky Distillery in Melbourne. Review of the distillery coming soon.


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