The Singleton Spey Cascade

The Singleton of Dufftown Distillery is launching The Singleton Spey Cascade, a new addition to its range, with an approachable flavour profile designed to introduce new consumers to the single malt category.

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The Singleton Spey Cascade

The Singleton Spey Cascade (40% ABV) bears no age statement and is matured in a combination of European sherry and American bourbon oak casks that lend the whisky a rich and smooth character with marked noted of stewed fruit, brown sugar and toasted nuts.

The Singleton single malts are produced in three different locations, being Glen Ord, Dufftown and Glendullan, and at the Speyside distillery in Dufftown, it is the slow process of fermentation and distillation that give the spirit its unique character.

Fermentation takes 75 hours enabling more fruity esters to develop. Distillation takes place in large stills which are filled to a very low level and heat is applied at very low temperatures allowing more copper interaction. Lowering the heat allows the wash to slowly simmer and interact with the copper. Condensation forms and refluxes back into the spirit and allowing it to be almost redistilled which gives it lightness and flavour.

The Singleton Spey Cascade has aromas of pear, apples with nutty and fino sherry notes along with fresh grassy notes that follow through to the palate. The finish is hence long and rewarding for a whisky that lends itself to mixability – a lovely fruity expression from the Singleton.

Sip it neat or on ice, or add some soda water, ice and orange peel for a refreshing aperitivo, or use it in a whisky sour.

The Singleton Spey Cascade is the third installment in the range after Tailfire and Sunray which are easy for consumers to enjoy and makes a good entry point into the world of single malts.

The Singleton Spey Cascade will be available at RRP $65.00 AUD.

The Singleton Spey Cascade was tasted at the Diageo Whisky Club launch.

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