The Stoned Crow, Broadway

Smarty-updated yet keeping its art deco influences, the new Stoned Crow in Broadway is a pub that certainly ticks all the boxes. The relaxed open floor area has an interesting mix of decoration, subtle wine barrel pendant lighting, exposed brick, candles on tables, beams with hanging plants and music that certainly adds an eclectic toe tapping vibe to the ambience.

The menu was created by Executive Chef George Williams and offers something for everyone from plate sharing, pizza, pasta, grills, burgers, dessert, sides, mains and grills to choose from. The drinks menu consists of signature and classic cocktails, beers, wines, champagne and dessert wines.

The Stoned Crow
Vera Green, New Jersey Moonshine

Signature cocktails such Vera Green ($16.90) Beefeater gin, freshly juiced cucumber, limoncello and aloe vera, and the New Jersey Moonshine ($16.90) – Lairds applejack and fireball whisky with bitters and apple are both vivacious for a starter.

The Stoned Crow
Home-made pork and beef meatballs

The home-made style Pork and Beef Meatballs ($12.90) are juicy and tender, full of flavour, served with the right balance of chunky tomatoes and a rich sauce.

The Stoned Crow
Spicy Chicken Buffalo Wings

Sticky and tasty, the Spicy Buffalo Wings ($10.90) have loads of flavour. The warm Louisiana sauce with a choice of blue cheese or raunchy dip goes well with the wings.

The Stoned Crow

Soft and flawlessly coated with breadcrumbs, the cheese Arancini balls ($11.90) are delightful to share, made with mozzarella, parmesan and fontina cheeses served with a spicy mayonnaise.

The Stoned Crow
Braised Beef Cheese Open Pie

The Braised Beef Cheese Open Pie is not to be missed. A twist on a family favourite, the puffed pastry is baked to golden crisp perfection with soft layers beneath. The braised beef is tender and the savoury sauce is not overpowering.

The Stoned Crow
Crispy Peking Duck Pizza

For pizza lovers, don’t pass the big and bold Peking Duck Pizza ($22.90) with a delicious hoisin sauce, pieces of Peking duck tossed with fresh shallots, cucumber, coriander, orange, star anise and glazed with cinnamon on a thin, crispy base.

The Stoned Crow
Triple Chocolate Brownie Swirls

The luscious and smooth triple chocolate brownie swirls – ($9.90) served with ice cream makes a decadent way to finish off a casual dinner.

The Stoned Crow Broadway is a neat little gem. It’s worth checking out.

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The Stoned Crow Broadway
166 Broadway, Chippendale 2008
02 9211 5993
Monday – Sunday: 12pm til late


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