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Dictador Rum

Dictador Colombian Rum have released their premium rum collection at a trade tasting at The Swinging Cat bar presented by Master Distiller, Hernan Parra.

Dictador Rum
Dictador Rum

The history of Dictador starts with Severo Arango y Ferro who travelled to Nueva Granada (now Columbia) in the 18th century to improve on tax collection. His persona led him to be called ‘Dictador’. Upon discovering a passion for rum, he became a successful trader in sugar cane distills.

In 1913, Don Julio Arango y Parra established Destileria Colombiana set out to honour his ancestor with the goal of becoming the finest Columbian rum producer in Caribbean Zone. Dictador rums are produced using a traditional family Solera method which delivers a dry mouth feel and with rich flavour as no sugar is added.

Dictador 12 Years Solera System Rum (40% ABV) is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey, distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous  and then aged in pre-used oak barrels. Medium-bodied, it has raisins, Christmas cake and coffee on the nose and on the palate one can find caramel, toffee and raisins. The 12 yo is easy to sip with a medium finish that is sharp and dry.

Dictador 20 Years Solera System Rum (40% ABV) production method is the same as the 12 yo. The 20 Years Solera is a full-bodied rum with a rich dark amber colour and delivers strong aromas of burnt toffee, caramel, spice and Christmas cake on the nose. It is drier than the 12 yo with the oak being more pronounced while being more viscous on the palate. The 20 Years is a sipping rum with a long and lingering finish with burnt toffee at the end.

Dictador XO Perpetual Solera System Rum (40% ABV) is made by hand selecting the finest barrels from each vintage older than 25 years. The fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey is, in this instance, distilled in an antique alembic copper still and then aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels and barrels from Jerez . Dry aromas of tobacco and leather on the nose while the palate delivers mellow and dry flavours of burnt caramel and vanilla. The long and dry finish has notes of cherry and crème brûlée.

Dictador XO Insolent Solera System Rum (40% ABV) again uses virgin sugar cane honey which is distilled in a stainless steel alembic still aged in oak barrels from Jerez and ex-port barrels. The barrels are at times reburned so as to obtain sweetness from the oak which is evident on the nose in the aromas of vanilla, cereal and the oak. The flavour is sweeter with dark chocolate, desserts, sweet coffee and fudge to the fore. The finish is long with light oak at the end.

In addition , the 100 month Dictador rums were on taste. These rums have been distilled in a continuous column still and are aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The range comprises Dictador Rum Claro 100, Dictador Rum Amber 100, Dictador Rum Orange 100 and Dictador Rum Cafe 100 and may be sipped or used in cocktails.


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