Best Whisky Interviews

Over the last six years, Gourmantic has had the privilege of meeting and interviewing many whisky luminaries who have visited our distant shores. It’s no surprise to regular readers that whisky is the number one spirit that we have featured over the years, with over 160 whisky articles published to date.

In this post, we’re listing 12 of the best whisk(e)y interviews (in no particular order) with Master Distillers, Master Blenders, Coopers, Global Ambassadors, Educators and Writers. From Scotland, Ireland and USA to Taiwan and Australia, each interview has been a privilege and an enlightenment into the evolving world of whisky.

1. Jim McEwan, Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich Masterclass with Jim McEwan

In this interview with retiring Bruichladdich Master Distiller Jim McEwan, he speaks about terroir and his proudest moment in 52 years in the whisky industry. Read our interview with Jim McEwan here.

2. Dave Broom, Whisky Expert

Whisky Interviews

Whisky expert Dave Broom shares his thoughts on blends vs single malts and speaks his mind about age statements. Read our interview with Dave Broom here.

3. Colin Scott, Chivas

Chivas Regal Extra with Colin Scott

During his visit to Sydney to launch Chivas Extra, we caught up with Chivas Master Blender Colin Scott over lunch for a chat about the Chivas house style and his proudest moments in his successful whisky career. Read our interview with Colin Scott here.

4. Bill Samuels Jr, Maker’s Mark

Maker's Mark Lunch with Bill Samuels Jr

Retired Bill Samuels Jr and now Maker’s Mark Chairman Emeritus speaks to us about his legacy and the future of the brand. Read our interview with Bill Samuels Jr here.

5. John Campbell, Laphroaig

John Campbell

During his visit to Sydney for Laphroaig Live 2011, we chat to John Campbell, Distillery Manager about the yearly event and the popularity of Laphroaig around the world. Read our interview with John Campbell here.

6. Ger Buckley, Jameson Irish Whisky

Ger Buckley

Ger Buckley, Master Cooper of Jameson Irish Whiskey talks about cooperage before a live demonstration of his craft. Read our interview with Ger Buckley here.

7. John Quinn, Tullamore Dew

John Quinn, Tullamore DEW

Before Tullamore Dew opened their new distillery, we chatted to John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador of Tullamore DEW about Irish whisky and the new distillery. Read our interview with John Quinn here.

8. Dr Jim Swan, Kavalan

Kavalan Whisky with Dr Jim Swan

Before Kavalan whisky won international awards, we chatted to Dr Jim Swan during his visit to Sydney to launch the Taiwanese whisky. Read our interview with Dr Jim Swan here.

9. Patrick Macguire, Sullivans Cove

Patrick Maguire: Sullivans Cove

Long before it won coveted awards, we speak to Patrick Maguire about  the whisky making philosophy behind Sullivans Cove.  Read our interview with Patrick Macguire here.

10. Brian Nation, Jameson Irish Whisky


Brian Nation, Jameson Irish Whiskey Distiller and Ambassador speaks to us about his role and his favourite whiskey and food pairing combinations. Read our interview with Brian Nation here.

11. Jonathan Scott, Glengoyne

Jonathan Scott, Area Director Asia Pacific for Ian Macleod Distillers

During his visit to Sydney to launch Glengoyne 25 yo, we chatted to Jonathan Scott about the popularity of whisky among younger age groups. Read our interview with Jonathan Scott here.

12. Women in Whisky

Laura Hay, Jane Overeem, Corinne Mossati

Our ever popular Women in Whisky interview brings together the girl from Glenlivet, the Ambassador & our own whisky writer in an in-depth interview and discussion about women in the whisky industry. Read our interview with Women in Whisky here.

With our sincere thanks to all the whisk(e)y luminaries who have shared their insights with us over the six years.


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