Cocktails & Bars: New Website from the Gourmantic Team

We’re very excited to announce that the team behind Gourmantic has launched a brand new website today.

Cocktails & Bars is dedicated to cocktail culture, bars and spirits. Aimed at the discerning drinker and the cocktail and spirit enthusiast, Cocktails & Bars features the best bars, spirit reviews, cocktails and related news.

Cocktails & Bars is a natural evolution from Gourmantic which has established itself as an influencer in its field. Having a dedicated platform allows us to feature content that is specific to the cocktail and spirit categories.

Cocktails and Bars by Gourmantic

Cocktails & Bars is authored by Corinne Mossati, Founder/Editor of online magazine Gourmantic. Corinne has been writing about bars and spirits for over six years since establishing Gourmantic in 2009. She is named in the Australian Bartender Most Influential List, is a member of The World’s 50 Best Bars Academy who judges the World’s 50 Best Bars. She has also judged the Australasian Whisky Awards and various national cocktail competitions.

Cocktails & Bars is promoted on its own social media with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and will also be promoted on Gourmantic’s extensive and established social media network. An email subscription is available for readers to be notified of updates.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cocktails & Bars.



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Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is the founder and editor of Gourmantic. An avid scribe, she has taken pen to paper since the age of five. Her repertoire includes long works of fiction, short stories and travelogues. She is a winner of the GT travel writing competition, has judged the Australasian Whisky Awards and several cocktail competitions. She is also named in the Australian Bartender Most Influential List.

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