The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar

This year, you have another sweet reason to partake in Good Food Month. The Singleton Whisky and New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar are teaming up for a sweet collaboration to bring The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar to the Night Noodle Markets.

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Milk Bar’s founder and New York’s dessert chef Christina Tosi has baked The Singleton single malt whisky into an exclusive Whisky Maple Cookie which is served alongside two whisky cocktails (Singleton Orchard Fizz, Malted & Salted Maple Old Fashioned) and neat tastings at The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar.

For Christina Tosi, this project marks an exciting change from the norm in that she can bake and trial something brand new without having to worry about the metrics of putting it on the menu and selling it.

We asked Christina how much whisky went into making the cookies. “So many cases and many bottles”. 40,000 cookies were made in the New York bakery with about half an ounce of whisky with some in the dough, and then on top of the cookie where there is almost like a crackle sheen to it which is a whisky and brown sugar glaze brushed on top before baking.

“If I got to rename it, I would name it ‘The Pancake Cookie’ because you have the flavours of pancakes in the morning, brown buttery maple syrup notes that work with the nuances of The Singleton,” Christina explains.

The Singleton Maple Whisky Cookie is available at $3 each or $5 for two. Two cocktails, Singleton Orchard Fizz and Malted & Salted Maple Old Fashioned are available at $9 each and come with a free cookie.

The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar is located at the Night Noodle Markets in Sydney at Hyde Park from 8 to 25 October 2015 and in Melbourne at Birragung Marr, 12-29 November 2015.

Updated 10 October 2015.


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  • Hey!
    Great stall at the Sydney noodle markets a few weeks ago! Does anyone know where I could buy or order the singleton maple whisky cookie?
    Thanks for your help in advance, Katja