Manpuku, Kingsford

Walk into Manpuku at Kingsford and you’re likely to find plenty of students and staff from UNSW enjoying good, authentic ramen.

Manpuku, KingsfordManpuku

The dining space is bright and made for quick service. Order at the counter, take a number, a seat and await the bowl of this wonderful noodle soup.

Manpuku, KingsfordManpuku Red

The Manpuku Red ($13.90) is a hot chilli flavoured soy based pork soup with pork belly, bean sprouts, sliced mushrooms, shallots, seaweed sheet and dried shrimp powder. There is a good serve of thin noodles which do not fall apart with a broth that is clean, textured, full of flavour and heat. There is an option to choose your spicy level of normal and extreme and extra toppings can be ordered.

Manpuku, KingsfordManpuku Black

The Manpuku Black serves up a flavoursome garlic soy based pork soup, pork belly, bean sprouts, sliced mushrooms, shallots and seaweed sheet. The garlic is well balanced and the broth again is clean textured with the toppings, though light, combining well.

This ramen has all the students talking and with good reason. It is great value with all the ingredients coming together to deliver dishes with plenty of flavour and serves that will well and truly satisfy those ramen cravings. Until next time.

482 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032

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