Jameson Caskmates

Take Jameson Original Irish Whiskey, age it in oak casks that have been seasoned with craft Irish stout and you get the latest addition, Jameson Caskmates.

Jameson Caskmates

The boomerang story of Jameson Caskmates started in 2013 when Jameson’s Master Distiller met Master Brewer of Cork City’s Franciscan Well Brewery. A few Jameson casks were sent to the brewery to see how it would influence their Irish stout. After bottling the beer, the empty casks were returned to Jameson and were refilled with Jameson Whiskey. And Jameson Caskmates was born.

On the nose, the whiskey retains its DNA with fresh aromas of green apples, orchard fruit, mainly pears and a hint of grassy notes. Some spice becomes evident along with some oak and a hop influence.

The palate retains the spectrum of Irish Whiskey flavours with some sweetness, fruit and oak and leads to chocolate, coffee, nuts and a subtle flavour of hops. The finish is long and satisfying, sweet with butterscotch notes.

Enjoy Jameson Caskmates neat, on ice, and as a Boilermaker with a hoppy IPA, white beer or a light stout.

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