Eau de Vie Bar New Cocktail List

Eau de Vie bar has launched a new cocktail list bringing elements of fun drinking to the popular speakeasy bar in Darlinghurst and its Melbourne sibling. Since opening in 2010, there have only been two major changes to the cocktail list.

Eau de Vie Bar
Eau de Vie

The cocktail list is inspired by a range of old traditional crafts with drinks ranging from light and crisp, through fresh and fruity, to sweet and strong.

The drinks are grouped under The Perfumer for light and floral, The Stevedore for all things citrus, The Apothecary for tonics and boozy libations, The Spice Blender for rich and exotic spices, The Confectioner for sweet drinks and The Stonemason for bold, boozy nightcap drinks. Eau de Vie Favourites are still featured such as the Yuzu Mule, Smokey Rob Roy and the Noble Experiment for Martinis.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
The Kingston

From The Stonemason comes The Kingston ($19), a rum punch, dark and spicy with apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses and aromatic bay-rum syrup served over crushed ice and scorched pine. The cocktail is light and refreshing with elements of a Tiki drink.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
Berlin Sbagliato

The Berlin Sbagliato ($19) is one not to be missed. Basil and lime sorbet is charged with gin, and topped with sparkling wine. Elegant and light, it dances on the palate with a winning combination of basil, citrus and gin.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
The Blood and Sanderson

Served in a skull, The Blood and Sanderson ($20) is a take on the Blood and Sand cocktail, named after EDV Melbourne‘s Greg Sanderson. This boozy/jammy bourbon concoction comes from The Spiceblender in a skull and is made up of bacon bourbon, port, blood orange jam and lemon. How you sip it is up to you. Holding it by the horns is optional.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
Sgt Pepper

Also from The Spiceblender, Sgt Pepper ($22) brings Beluga vodka shaken with honey, lime, orange and bell pepper jelly into an elegant and citrusy drink, served straight up with a chocolate surprise.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
Colonel Spade’s Pearl

Colonel Spade’s Pearl ($20) is from The Stevedore, made with Jamaican rum, apricot, Aperol and quince soda, served on a scented coconut ice chunk with a pistachio filled cone attached. The drink is floral yet rich on the palate.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
Marshmallow Fizz

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and sugary, the Marshmallow Fizz ($18) hits the spot. Strawberry wine, gin, pineapple and marshmallow syrup yield a dessert style drink, light and fluffy in texture described as “like sipping on a cloud”.

Eau de Vie Bar Cocktails
The Riverstream

Of course, it wouldn’t be Eau de Vie without a cocktail that seduces your palate from the first sip, leaves you speechless while knocking your socks off.  The Riverstream ($24) from The Stonemason collection is the one to finish on. Calvados and mezcal are stirred with lemongrass and white ale syrup and a dash of Fernet Branca. The drink comes served on a frozen river rock on which the drink is smoked with a fog of eucalyptus. Heaven.

The cocktail list is available in both Eau de Vie Sydney and Eau de Vie Melbourne, with the Eau de Vie Crew section of the list highlighting the bartenders and their cocktails at their respective venues.

Eau de Vie Sydney
229 Darlinghurst Rd
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Eau de Vie Melbourne
1 Malthouse Lane
Melbourne Vic 3000

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