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Yakitori Yurippi, Crows Nest

Yakitori Yurippi has opened in Crows Nest bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to the Sydney’s north shore. If the name sounds a little familiar, Yurippi was formerly at The Cliff Dive serving tasty South-East Asian-inspired yakitori in Darlinghurst.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestYakitori Yurippi

The venue is owned and operated by Tin-Jung Shea and offers a relaxed izakaya-style venue with a casual vibe and quality ingredients. Before The Cliff Dive, Tin managed a monthly food stall at the Crows Nest markets, and now he brings the experience to a permanent location seven days a week.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestYakitori Yurippi

The affordable menu offers sharing plate options with a variety of yakitori at $2.90 each, a family-friendly kids menu, traditional and popular Japanese beers and soft drinks. An extensive sake menu is in progress along with Japanese whisky.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestCharcoal Barbeque

All the skewers are cooked over charcoal and served with the option of either dipped into sauce or salt. The mastersauce is the same as from opening day and gives a rich umami flavour for dipping the meats. The barbeque uses a mix of Binchotan, charred wood, for the smoky wooden flavour and compressed charcoal.

Settle back with a Japanese beer, sake or wine with tasty yakitori at $2.90 each and the used skewer jar will soon be overflowing.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestMini Karaage

The Mini Karaage ($4.90) serves up crispy skinned chicken on the outside with well seasoned, tender and moist flesh.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestPickled cabbage

The Pickled cabbage ($4.90) is a fresh and crisp salad, dressed with konbu, sesame seeds and oil.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestChicken meatball with 63°C egg

There are two ways to eat the Chicken meatball with 63°C egg ($4.50), either by dipping the chicken into the egg or eat the chicken with some of the master sauce in the bowl and swallow the egg whole to finish with the sauce. Try swallowing the egg whole, but either way, the egg is beautiful in texture and soft with those umami flavours shining.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestChicken Thigh and Shallot

The tender Chicken Thigh and Shallot is sweet from the soy.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestGyoza

Gyoza ($4.90) of pork mince and shallots have a crisp hane, or “wings”, made of corn starch and water and comes served with a vinegar dipping sauce.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestPork Belly

Pork Belly with salt and lemon is moreish with the salt bringing out the flavour of the tender meat.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestChicken Skin

Crisp, sweet and caramalised, these Chicken Skin make it hard to stop at one.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestChicken Heart

The Chicken Heart is firm in texture with the flavour softening once the lemon is squeezed on top of it. Other offal to try from the menu are liver and gizzard.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestJapanese Omelette

The omelette is prepared with egg, soy, dashi and sake one layer at a time. Once a layer is cooked, it is folded and more mixture is added.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestJapanese Omelette

This Japanese Omelette ($4.90) is fluffy and light in texture served with dashi and spices and is a must have dish.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestMiso Sake Black Cod

The Miso Sake Black Cod ($4.50) is marinated in sake and miso for up to one week in which time the marinade starts to ferment. The fish has amazing flavour and texture with slight caramelisation. Black cod is a fish that when it is on a menu you should have it and this dish is no exception.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestShiitake Mushroom with Sweet Soy

Shiitake Mushroom with Sweet Soy is firm and full of those earthy flavours. Deliciousness on a stick.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestPork Jowl

Served with yuzu pepper paste, the Pork Jowl is crisp on the outside with the meat sweet and tender. This dish has a kick of heat from the pepper in the paste plus a hit of citrus. Delicious!

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestWagyu Beef with home Marinade

The Wagyu Beef with home Marinade ($4.50)  is tender, moist and bursting with flavour.

Yakitori Yurippi, Crows NestMentai Potato Salad

While this dish looks like strawberry ice cream, the Mentai Potato Salad ($4.90) is made with potato mash with fish roe, a salty and savoury combination that goes well with the meat skewers.

Yakitori Yurippi offers tasty Japanese street food in a welcoming, relaxed space to settle in with friends and enjoy. Sit at the bar or take a table, glance into the open kitchen to see these delectable dishes come together, and you know you will be back soon.

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Yakitori Yurippi
7 Falcon St, Crows Nest
Hours: 5-10.30pm 7 days a week


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