Korean Banquet Showcase 2015

The Korean Banquet Showcase for 2015 was presented by The Korean Cultural Office in their Sydney CBD office.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseKorean Banquet Showcase

As guests mingled, drinks and tasty canapés of Kimchi mandu, Lotus root skewers and Moo ssam were served.

Sinyoung An, the Director of Korean Cultural Centre welcomed guests to the banquet and introduced Whie-Jin Lee, Consul General of Republic of Korea who proposed a toast recognising the friendships that can built by food.

Jia Choi, President of O’ngo Food presented a history on Kimchi and Kimchang which is the the making and sharing of kimchi and its importance in the cultural history of Korea and family lives. That importance is summed up in the saying that the most humble meal consists of rice and kimchi, but the most extravagant banquet is incomplete without kimchi.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseMaking Kimchi

Heather Jeong, TV Chef and cooking instructor at the Korean Cultural Centre, demonstrated kimchi preparation and then invited guests to try their hand at making this Korean staple.

The banquet as follows, took guests on an evening of Korean food culture immersion.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseLotus root skewers

Canapes of Lotus root skewers,

Korean Banquet ShowcaseMoo Ssam

Moo ssam, parcels of prawn and sprouts in pickled radish wraps,

Korean Banquet ShowcaseKimchi Mandu

and Kimchi mandu, a spicy dumpling.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseKimchi

A selection of Kimchi was selected to accompany the banquet as follows.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseOjinga and Yachae Twigim

Ojinga and Yachae Twigim, crisp calamari and vegetable tempura.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseGaeran Jim

Gaeran jim, a Korean steamed egg with crab and salted shrimp.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseHwe

Seasonal Hwe,Korean style sashimi of abalone, salmon, kingfish and cuttlefish served with kochi hang,  a chilli paste.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseJun

Assorted Jun, Korean pancakes, of kimchi, oysters, mung beans and zucchini served with salad kimchi and soy based pickle.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseYang Jang Pi

Next Yang jang pi, a plate of potato noodles, pork, prawns and vegetable with sweet fermented mustard.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseBo Ssam

Bo ssam is slow cooked pork belly with home made tofu and chilli.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseKorean Fried Chicken

Boneless Korean fried chicken with pickled white radish.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseGogi Mari

Gogi Mari is a dish of Wagyu beef with vegetable filling served with ssam jam and mixed grain rice.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseOdeng Tang

Odeng tang, a fish cake soup with radish was presented in a small bowl.

Korean Banquet ShowcasePat Bingsu

As a palate cleanser, Pat bingsu, shaved ice with berries was served.

Korean Banquet ShowcaseHangwa

For dessert, Hangwa, a traditional Korean confectionery and

Korean Banquet ShowcaseTteok

Tteok, a rice cake, finished the dinner.

The Korean Banquet Showcase by the Korean Cultural Centre was held on Thursday 19 November 2015.


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