Rum Cha Luis Tans Bondi Beach

It’s 1.00pm in Bondi and at Luis Tans, it’s time to Rum Cha. But don’t go there expecting a yum cha cart or trolley ladies.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Rum Cha at Luis Tans

Chef Alejandro Franco Lancini has created his unique type of fusion dishes bringing the vibrancy of Latin American dishes with Asian influences in a yum cha style share plate experience. Think traditional Chinese Yum Cha goes to Latin America with rum-based cocktails by Flor de Cana.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Rum Cha Menu

A Bloody Mary menu tempts with three variation of the Sunday brunch staple.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
L-R: Maria de Latino, Shinto Mary

Maria De Latino combines tomato juice with Tequila and Mezcal, lemon juice, celery salt, habanero sauce and cherry tomatoes in a drink that sings with Latin American flavours. It’s big and punchy and delivers a good kick from the habanero along with agave and that irresistible lingering Mezcal smoke.

Shinto Mary is her Japanese Latina cousin, delivering a kick from the wasabi powder and umami flavours. This Mary is vodka-based with  clamato juice, shochu, sake and fish sauce. Both are well worth ordering, your choice depends if you like the smokiness of Mezcal.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
L-R: The Caribbean, Island of Sumba

From the rum cocktails, The Caribbean combines Flore de Cana white rum with Cointreau, orange, lime, orgeat syrup and orange bitters in an easy sipping drink perfect in hot afternoons.

Island of Sumba, with Flor de Cana 7 yo, organic coconut water, lemon, rose water and peach bitters comes served martini style. The drink is more complex and layered in flavour, starting dry with the first sip before the rose water influence adds a touch of sweetness and coconut flavours later develop in the glass.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Wonton Ceviche

When it comes to the food, the recommendation is for 4 to 5 dishes per couple but that depends on the size of what you order. The Wonton Ceviche ($11) is bite-sized with crispy wontons topped with lime cured fish of the day which is snapper.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
San Choy Taco

San Choy Taco ($7.50) is a generous serve for two with chicken mince, black beans, corn, chilli, coriander, noodles and fried onion on a bed of two lettuce leaves serving as tacos.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Chicken Karaage

Tender and succulent, the Chicken Karaage ($16.40) is plaintain-crumbed and comes with a creamy chipotle mayo that lifts the dish.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Mushroom Dumpling

The Mushroom Dumpling ($10.50) are little parcels of mixed mushrooms, broccoli, kale, candied ginger and macadamia with a sweet and umami sauce that complements the filling.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Prawn Dumpling

The Prawn Dumplings ($13.50) contain a generous filling of prawn and pork crackle topped with a fragrant and creamy coconut curry.

Rum Cha: Luis Tans Bondi
Beef Dumpling

The highlight of the menu is the Beef Dumpling ($10.50) which contains the same beef used the beef ribs dish. The tomato-braised beef comes with the vibrant chimichurri, black turtle beans and gallo negro hot sauce. This is the dish is well worth ordering again on the next visit.

Rum Cha at Luis Tans runs on the first Sunday of every month from 1pm to 4pm. With its location across the road from Bondi Beach, pop in before or after a swim, and take your taste buds on a Latino Asian holiday.

Luis Tans
15/178 Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, 2026 NSW


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