Manjit’s at the Wharf, King Street Wharf Sydney

Manjit’s at the Wharf has opened along King Street Wharf featuring an array of classic dishes with a modern take showcasing the many flavours of India.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Manjit’s at the Wharf

Manjit’s at Balmain has been well established for over 30 years and with the opening of the King Street Wharf venue, the restaurant brings its culinary reputation to the city. Chef de Cuisine Varun Gujral has brought classic dishes from the regions of India, treats them with respect while using a fresh approach to deliver a full-flavoured menu.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Manjit Gujral

Al then launch event, Founder Manjit Gujral welcomed guests and shared stories from Manjit’s beginnings to their restaurant in Balmain and this newest Sydney family member.

A selection of the dishes served at Manjit’s on The Wharf on the night, ranging from canapes to entrees, mains and dessert – a veritable feast enjoyed in good company.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Koni Pappadi

To accompany drinks, canapes such as Koni Pappadi were served,

Manjit's at the Wharf
Crab Uttapam

as well as Crab Uttapam, a rice and lentil pancakes topped with blue swimmer crab, sprinkled with fresh green chilli, coriander, ginger and crunchy yellow split pea, and

Manjit's at the Wharf
Tilli Prawns

moreish bites of Tilli Prawns of Crystal Bay tiger prawns sautéed in sesame oil, ground aromatic spices, black pepper and finished with sesame seeds.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Gol Gol Guppa

The entrees started with Gol Gol Guppa, a crisp pastry filled with spiced chickpea and potato and served with tamarind and amchur caviar poured into its waiting mouth – a new take on a classic street food.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Shanabuk with Seventeen Spices

Shanabuk with Seventeen Spices were plump and seasoned Hervey Bay scallops seared with fennel oil which you dip into the spice mix.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Fish Malai with Infused Oils

The Fish Malai with Infused Oils was served on an artist’s palette shaped dish with the four signature chutneys of Indian cuisine allowing a culinary journey with the lightly marinated, roasted and beautifully soft market fish fillets.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Bharrah Kebab Beetroot and Mint Raita

Bharrah Kebab Beetroot were tasty lamb cutlets marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and red spices accompanied by a beetroot sauce.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Making Naan

Guests on the night tried their hand at making Naan with various levels of success.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Naan Bread; Stuffed Mushrooms with Green Pea and Carrot Puree

To complete the entrees, earthy Stuffed Mushrooms with a green pea and carrot puree were served.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Sorbet Passionfruit and Chilli

The Sorbet Passionfruit and Chilli palate cleanser had a gentle heat and revitalized the palate for the main courses to come.

Manjit's at the Wharf

The Signature Naan brought smiles to the table. It’s light and moreish and its family size ensures no one missed out.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Presentation of Baingan Taka Tak

The Baingan Taka Tak was served under a smoking cloche as the waiter explained the dish.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Baingan Taka Tak

Aside from the theatrics, the Baingan Taka Tak was a flavoursome dish of smoke-roasted baby eggplant mashed with onion, tomato and chilli.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Chicken Biryani

The Chicken Biryani was a generous dish of chicken and fragrant basmati rice. The chicken was tender with the subtle flavour of saffron with sultanas and nuts adding texture.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Beef Vindaloo

The cut in the Beef Vindaloo was a slow-cooked beef cheek which wasso tender with the meat rested in malt vinegar and garlic. This Portuguese-inspired dish was cooked with pepper, cinnamon and fresh red chillis.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Bombay Aloo Methi

The vegetable dish of Bombay Aloo Methi had whole baby potatoes, fenugreek, toasted cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves simply melting in the mouth.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Kochin Bug Curry

The classic South Indian style dish Kochin Bug Curry made with fresh Balmain bugs was a dish full of flavour. The bugs were cooked in three extractions of coconut milk then gently stewed and lightly spiced with cloves and green chillies. This is a definite must-have dish well worth dipping your naan bread in the sauce.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Lamb Shoulder Anarkali

The Lamb Shoulder Anarkali is the signature dish of Manjit’s, a popular version of “hadi walla” lamb which hails from the North of India from the time of the Mughal Empire. The meat fell off the bone and came in a rich sauce of pomegranate and molasses.

Manjit's at the Wharf
Mango Pistachio Kulfi with Faluda

The feast ended with dessert, Mango Pistachio Kulfi with Faluda with a soft and delicate ice-cream with hints of spice.

To finish the evening, it’s time for an after dinner drink from the bar cart with mainly Indian whisky and select rum.

Manjit’s at The Wharf brings a wealth of experience from its 30 year tenure in Balmain to the city and that is to be celebrated. The dishes take you on an exotic flavour journey to various regions of India, all set with views across the water and attentive and welcoming service. This is good food to share with family and friends, so come and enjoy the Manjit’s experience.

Manjit’s at The Wharf
Shop 10, 49 Lime Street,
King Street Wharf, Sydney, NSW 2000


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