Liquid Physics at Blu Bar, Shangri-la Sydney

Blu Bar at Shangri-la Sydney has introduced their style of cocktails called Liquid Physics. The concept is inspired by craft bartending in the 1920s and is based on harnessing the science of energy and movement to create a memorable cocktail experience.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Liquid Physics with Art Palomata

“It’s about changing the state from solid to liquid and vice versa”, bartender Art Palomata explains. “It’s the way aromas and taste work together. We tell our story in the drink.”

Liquid Physics has been months in the making at Blu Bar and the principle uses a combination of dry ice, foams, smoke, liquid nitrogen to elicit energy and movement using fire and ice.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar

Take the Smoking Mistress, a smoked cocktail that combines bourbon with peach liqueur and Montenegro and walnut bitter, stirred on ice then poured into a jar and smoked.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Smoking Mistress

The result is a well-balanced and easy drinking cocktail with peach aromas and subtle smoke on the nose, and a combination of fruit and spice on the palate balanced by the walnut bitters.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Nectar of the Orient

New to the Menu is Nectar of the Orient (lead photo), with tropical flavours of mango puree and coconut syrup with Aperol, limoncello, green tea, and lemon juice, served into a tea cup with dry ice.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Clockwork Martini

If you like your drinks stirred and with a strong spirit kick, the Clockwork Martini (also served old fashioned style) is a cross between a Hemingway’s Daiquiri and Between the Sheets. A combination of rum, Luxardo and Grand Marnier infused with lemon, orange, thyme and cinnamon is barrel aged for two weeks and served in a coupe glass. The orange notes along with soft spices and subtle oak make the drink. This is the one to sit one and savour, then order another.

Another of the Liquid Physics cocktails is the Aurora, made with gin, apricot liqueur, mixed berry syrup, lemon and pineapple juice topped with a delicate rhubarb and berry espuma foam.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Dirty Martini

You could also order classics, such as a Dirty Martini made with Aviation Gin, extra dry vermouth, olive brine an two drops of lemon juice as the sun begins to set.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Mezcal Old Fashioned

Or a Mezcal Old Fashioned for a good hit of smoke with grapefruit bitters and whisky barrels aged bitters.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar

Rosemary Old Fashion

The Rosemary Old Fashion combines Michter’s Rye with Cherry Heering and Noccelo, stirred up with rhubarb bitters and garnished with rosemary.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
El Professor

Another well-crafted sipper is El Professor with white rum, white vermouth, Galway Pipe Port and Orange Bitters.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Forgotten Innocence

At the time of visit, The Balvenie Telescope was on display with bespoke cocktails to accompany the exhibit. Forgotten Innocence is a meeting of two craft spirits, The Balvenie 12 yo and Pisco, house made Balvenie syrup with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and honey ($21) served in a coupe with dry ice in a tea infuser.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
The Balvenie Hulk

The Balvenie Hulk, with the Balvenie 14yo, Grand Marnier, chocolate and orange bitters appeals to those with a sweeter palate.

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Burrata Cheese

If all these cocktails leave you pecking, the bar menu includes Burrata Cheese with alto olive oil, lemon and sea salt,

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Ploughman’s Board

a Ploughman’s Board with a selection of cured meats, cheese and pickles,

Liquid Physics at Blu Bar
Salt and Pepper Prawns

and for something hot, Salt and Pepper Prawns with chilli and lime.

Blu Bar is located on level 36 of Shangri-la hotel in Sydney with incomparable views over Sydney’s shimmering harbour with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in sight. Whether you’re a visitor to Sydney or a Sydney-sider, an evening of cocktails at Blu Bar will long be remembered.

Blu Bar
Level 36, Shangri-la Sydney
176 Cumberland St, Sydney


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