Zeus Street Greek Rosebery

Zeus Street Greek has a new menu bringing new dishes and flavours to complement old favourites with it its own take on Greek street food at Rosebery.

Zeus Street Greek
Zeus Street Greek

This is casual dining where you order at the counter then take your seat inside or maybe enjoy dining al fresco on the balcony. There are new options such as the Spartan Box. These are portions of protein, rice and veg which is the Spartan description as the tastier description is a choice of Zeus’s signature chicken, lamb or pork served with Aegean slaw, tzatziki and pilaf.

Here is a look at the new dishes.

Zeus Street Greek
Pita Bread, Beetroot Hummus

To start, the Pita Bread ($3 for 2) is made in house and is light but do not fill up here as there is more on the menu. The Beetroot Hummus ($6.50) is a classic hummus with the flavour of the roasted beetroot at the right intensity.

Zeus Street Greek
Feta Filo Fingers

These tasty Feta Filo Fingers ($9.50) are a combination of sweet and savoury with feta wrapped in filo pastry then drizzled with honey and sesame. The pastry is light, the filling generous with the honey, a staple in the Greek islands, adding sweetness.

Zeus Street Greek
Yia Yia’s Chips

Yia Yia’s Chips ($6.50) are hand cut chips that are crisp and have been cut in the rustic Greek traditional shapes.

Zeus Street Greek
Feta and Oregano Chips

Giving more of a Greek feel, the Feta and Oregano Chips ($9.50) are Yia Yia’s chips topped with crumbled feta which is seasoned with oregano.

Zeus Street Greek
Saganaki Salad

The Saganaki Salad ($11.50) with Cos, radish, chickpea, kefalograviera wafers and dressed with tahini is a blend of texture and flavour. Kefalograviera is a hard cheese from Greece which here has been battered, fried and made into crunchy wafers.

Zeus Street Greek

Australians love their barbecues and the Greeks are as passionate about theirs with its long history. Diners can watch as the meats are cooked behind glass over charcoal on the souvla.

Zeus Street Greek

New additions to the pita menu are The Athenian ($11.50) with Wagyu beef kefta, tzatziki, piccalilli mustard, chips and parsley. The meat is tender and the piccalilli mustard adds with its moreish flavour. The Purple Greek ($13.50) with Zeus’s signature lamb, beetroot hummus, onion, chips and parsley has a wonderful charcoal  flavour from the lamb.

Zeus Street Greek
Nude Pork

The meats from the souvla, chicken, lamb and pork, can be had on its own from the Nude menu. The Nude Pork ($16.50) with tzatziki and lemon will satisfy those meat lovers. Add some sides and salads and you have a satisfying meal. If you are dining with company there is also a Feast for Two with the choice of meats and a salad and a side served with pilaf and pita bread.

Zeus Street Greek
Salted Caramel Loukoumades

The Salted Caramel Loukoumades ($9.50) are Greek doughnuts served with a crushed Metaxa, the Greek brandy, toffee praline. These will make those with a sweet tooth quite content.

It is said that Zeus would descend from Olympus to walk amongst us mortals. At Zeus Street Greek, he would be welcomed with friendly hospitality and honest, flavoursome dishes.

Zeus Street Greek Rosebery
2/34 Morley Ave, Rosebery


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