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La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You

Move over happy hour and make way to La Hora del Vermut (or Vermouth Hour). For two weeks, Sydney small bar Since I Left You (SILY) is celebrating the art of the Italian aperitivo with low ABV vermouth cocktails paired with complimentary canapes.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
Since I Left You

SILY has collaborated with new age Italian vermouth brand Oscar 697 vermouth to bring a selection of cocktails where vermouth is the hero ingredient. You can choose straight serves of the Bianco and Rosso vermouth so you can get to know their flavour profile before trying three cocktails that feature either the Bianco, Rosso or Extra Dry vermouth.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
Oscar 697 Bianco

Oscar 697 Bianco ($12) comes served over ice with House-Pickled Ginger & Lime Zest, bursting with vibrant citrus notes and a hint of spice from the ginger. The drink is perfectly paired with a  bright and zesty Ginger & Finger Lime Barramundi Ceviche.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
Oscar 697 Rosso

Oscar 697 Rosso ($12) comes with a slice of orange & a vermouth-soaked olive over ice paired with Pickled Rockmelon & Proscuitto with a Vermouth & Maple Glaze. The pairing highlights the orange notes with a hint of sweetness and savoury earthy notes of the rosemary.

Both drinks are testament for the enjoyment of drinking vermouth neat.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
Raspberry Beret

From the cocktails, the Raspberry Beret ($18) is a reverse Rob Roy made with Oscar 697 Bianco Vermouth, Whisky and fresh raspberry stirred with lemon and honey. The drink is sweet and fruity with the whisky only becoming evident on the finish adding an element of dryness which cuts through some of the sweetness of the fruit and honey. The pairing with the piquant and creamy St Agur Blue, Honey, & Clix is simply exquisite.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
The Fat Tony

With a name like The Fat Tony ($20), you can’t say no to this take on a Reverse Dirty Manhattan. The drink features Oscar 697 Rosso Vermouth, Rye Whiskey with a dash of olive brine and bitters. The drink is a lighter version of a Manhattan with a touch of salinity and works very well to put the vermouth forward while giving the rye whiskey the back seat. Fat Tony is paired with a Chorizo, Rigatello & Vermouth-Pickled Green Tomato Stack. The spicy sausage along with the sharpness of the cheese and acidity of the pickled tomato play well with the briny notes of the drink.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You
Ol’ Cousin Vera

The most spirit-forward cocktail of the trio is Ol’ Cousin Vera ($20) with Aperol-rinsed Four Pillars Cousin Vera Martini, Oscar 697 Extra Dry Vermouth and a Dash of Bitters paired with a Gin, Orange & Thyme-Cured Eye Fillet Crostini. This is by far the favourite pick with the savoury, herbal, olive and rosemary notes of the gin playing beautifully with the dryness of the vermouth. The drink is not as dry as expected and in this case, it makes both the gin and the vermouth shine equally.

In case you can’t make it during La Hora del Vermut, the three cocktails above are also available on the regular menu.

La Hora del Vermut at Since I Left You is not to be missed. The bar is bringing to Sydney a trend that has already gained traction abroad with delicious, well-crafted low ABV drinks to be enjoyed with food before heading out to dinner.

La Hora del Vermut runs for two hours from Monday June 20 to Thursday June 30, Monday to Thursday between 5 – 7pm.

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Since I Left You
338 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000


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