Eau de Vie Bar Spring Cocktail List

Eau de Vie bar in Sydney has released an exciting new spring cocktail list that will have you come out of winter hibernation.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Eau de Vie Sydney, Whisky Room

Along with the launch of the new drinks, the whisky room has undergone a beautiful new look with the addition of a bar with a pass that links to the main bar.

The cocktails remain grouped under The Perfumer for light and floral, The Stevedore for all things citrus, The Apothecary for tonics and boozy libations, The Spice Blender for rich and exotic spices, The Confectioner for sweet drinks and The Stonemason for bold, boozy nightcap drinks.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Colonel’s Pearl

From The Stevedore comes Colonel’s Pearl ($21), a floral, rich and fruity drink that combines Jamaican rum, apricot, lemon myrtle with quince soda. Think of it a take on the Mai Tai with uncommon tiki ingredients and a good option with which to start the evening.

Eau de Vie Bar Spring Cocktail List
Bandit Belle

Also from The Stevedore, Bandit Belle ($21) combines roasted coffee with agave in an earthy sour libation rich with nutty flavours of pistachio oil along with avocado oil infused highland Tequila.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Alpine Swizzle

Moving to The Apothecary, the Alpine Swizzle ($21) makes for easy drinking whisky with Amaro Braulio, fir liqueur, grapefruit and Peychaud’s syrup. Despite its Nordic look, the drink is very refreshing and easy to sip. Order one and you might find yourself asking for another.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Money to Burn

From The Spice Blender comes Money to Burn ($23), a libation made of coconut spiced rum, sloe gin, apricot brandy with a fiery surprise. The hint is in the name, as the $100 bill is flamed at your table.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
The Deerstalker

The Deerstalker ($20) comes from The Apothecary, and if you enjoy boozy cocktails, this one is for you. Make like  Sherlock Holmes as you sip it through the pipe. The combination of The Glenlivet whisky with wormwood kissed vermouth, port, herbal Becherovka and bitter Cynar is simply sensational and in perfect balance.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Fisherman’s Foe

Moving onto sweeter and dessert style drinks from The Confectioner, Fisherman’s Foe ($20) is presented in a cute vessel. Stout cask aged Irish Whiskey is combined with coconut, mint liqueur and herbal Italian digestif with a rich red wine. The result is a drink that is mint-driven while the other ingredients take a back seat. Think of it as the equivalent of an after dinner mint, a little sweet and very fresh.

Eau de Vie Spring Cocktail List
Hell for Leather

The other standout cocktail is Hell for Leather ($22) from The Stonemason, a bold and boozy version of the Manhattan with rye whiskey, dry vermouth, tannic bitters and aubergine shrub, served on leather tanners art.

Eau de Vie Sydney
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