Restaurant Hubert Sydney

Restaurant Hubert has become destination dining and for very good reasons. Anton and Stefan Forte plus Jason Scott, who have already gifted Sydney some of its coolest venues (The Baxter Inn, Shady Pines and Frankie’s Pizza), deliver an old world French feel with modern sensibilities of dining and service. Chef Dan Pepperell has created a menu that pays homage to its roots but with new flavours and presentations to both French classics and new interpretations.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Beatrix Dining Room

As you descend the spiral staircase, past a seemingly endless and enviable miniature collection, you leave Sydney and step into the streets of Paris and the world of Restaurant Hubert.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Mr Creosote Stage

The baby grand hints at what is to come as it sits in front of its theatre curtain.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Beatrix Dining Room

The Beatrix Dining Room takes you to a time of elegance with its wood panelled walls adorned with period posters and the sentinels of wines that have been enjoyed. The wooden tables with long candles aglow capture the heart of that a well loved bistro. This room transports you to Paris as the wait staff weave between the full tables that are abuzz with conversation to deliver the sumptuous repast.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Bar Normandy

Bar Normandy, which faces the Beatrix Dining Room has seating at its wooden counter looking at its range of spirits with wines above or at the intimate and in-demand high booths for two. A perfect spot for two to enjoy each others’ company.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Bar Pincer

By taking a turn to the right after descending the stairs there is Bar Pincer. With candlelight upholstered booths, this is the perfect place to commence with the evening drink before heading to the Beatrix Dining Room. If you have settled in there is always the bar menu with selections from the full menu available.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Gosset NV Champagne

The ambience at Bar Pincer sets you for what is to come with those rough hewn floors giving the feel of a French bar. Mais oui, enjoy a glass or two of champagne to start or there are tempting cocktails to be tried from the concise cocktail list prepared by two of the country’s finest bartenders. Otherwise, there is the leather bound wine and drinks list with its well thought out wine list, aperitifs and spirits which will captivate you.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Private Dining Room

The Private Dining Room with its circular table, is a perfect setting for an intimate group with walls of wines bottles to capture the eye.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney

While trying to make your choice from all the that tempts on the dinner menu form the cocktail list there is the Gin Martini with Cocchi Americano and Twist ($20), perfectly balanced and perfectly chilled.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Oeuf en Gelee

Oeuf en Gelee ($15) with a soft egg yolk, bonito jelly, trout roe and avruga is an explosion of subtle sea flavours moulded into a soft textured visual delight. This is egg but not as we know it.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Duck Rillette

With its flock of toasted ducks astride, the Duck Rillette ($18) of confit duck leg in duck fat is rich and full flavoured with a wonderful texture.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney

The Malakoff ($14) of fried gruyere with Dijon mustard and dill pickle with its crisp outer casing is filled with the nutty and earthy flavours of the melted Gruyere balanced by the Dijon and tartness of the pickle.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Prime Beef Tartare

For those who know and love tartare, the Prime Beef Tartare ($23) of wagyu topside, classic condiments and French fries brings together beautiful fresh meat, condiments to make the dish sing and crisp French Fries. A dish to come back and enjoy time and again.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Bavette Steak

This beautiful and tender Bavette Steak ($48) of 350g grilled Rangers valley flank with Bordelaise butter melts in the mouth. Skilfully seared on the outside, the meat is perfectly pink and the butter complements it as it melts over the dish.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Mushroon au Poivre

The Mushroom au Poivre ($23) of confit field mushroom with peppercorn sauce will delight with the full earthy flavours of the mushroom complemented by the delicate and balanced sauce.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Pommes Anna

The Pommes Anna ($12) of layered potato and beurre blanc presents this classic French dish in a manner reminiscent of a mountain range. The potatoes are golden and have a light crisp with the beurre blanc  rich and buttery demanding not a drop of the sauce be left behind.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Melon en Surprise

While you may feel there is no room for dessert, you should not pass on the wonderful Melon en Surprise ($22) of Santa Claus melon, finger lime, sorrel jelly and young coconut sorbet. A refreshing way to finish the meal with the joys of those finger limes popping on your tongue.

Restaurant Hubert Sydney
Armagnac & Cognac

From the tome that is the drinks list, there is a selection of digestifs that includes Cognacs, Armagnacs and Calvados from well known and smaller producers as well as five pages devoted to whisky being three of Scotland, one of American whiskey and one of the rest of world. There is no better way to finish such fine a French meal than with fine French spirits such as Cognac and Armagnac.

There is much happening in Restaurant Hubert. Lose yourself as you walk down that circular staircase leaving the city and its time above. Take in the sight of those bottle and poster-lined walls, feel the buzz of conversations around you, the bustle of the wait staff that takes you back to that busy bistro. A menu that has been prepared with respect and love delivering beautiful French flavours that you know with new ideas. A smart concise cocktail list backed by an impressive wine and spirits list. Bar and wait staff who are passionate about what they have around them and deliver with friendly and knowledgeable service.

Restaurant Hubert has the soul of Paris in the heart of Sydney. If you have not been yet, there is only one thing to say – go. And just like Paris, you may never want to leave.

Restaurant Hubert
15 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000
Lunch: Mon to Fri 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: Mon to Sat 5pm – 1am

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