Low 302 Darlinghurst

Low 302 is getting back to the basics just as when the doors first opened back in 2008. That means great nights of good cocktails, good food and good music.

Low 302
Low 302

While there have been transformations in recent years in the inner city due to legislation with some venues sadly closing their doors and some reinventing themselves, Low 302 is looking ahead with a new cocktail menu from Bar Manger Luke Reimann.

Low 302
Le Gurk

To start the night, take a look at the selection of spritzers on offer, like the Le Gurk (all at $14) with gin, apple liqueur, fresh apple juice  topped with soda. Light and refreshing, it works to set the palate for the night.

Low 302
Topless Yao

Topless Yao ($19) combines Vida Mezcal with Lillet Blanc, muddled pineapple, lemon and basil. It’s light and refreshing with a hint of smoke that goes well with the pineapple flavour while the basil balances with a touch of pepperiness.

Low 302

TC’s ($22) is a refreshing take on a daiquiri with the strawberries taking centre stage. Diplomatico Reserva rum has a subtle role in the taste but not by measure, balanced with Peychauds bitters and lime.

Low 302

Ask the bartender how the FCUK Yoga ($18) was named. Or just sit back and enjoy this easy Whiskey Sour style of drink of Maker’s Mark bourbon with ginger, apple, lemon and lemon bitters. The apple purée and ginger brighten the drink and make for easy sipping.

Low 302
Barrel Aged Cherry Manhattan

This Barrel Aged Cherry Manhattan brings together Christmas spices of star anise, cinnamon, orange and cherries which are infused with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and sweet vermouth. It’s aged for 6 weeks and makes for a delicious libation that’s oh so very smooth. Let us hope that the recipe is kept safe and makes an appearance again once the temperature outside starts to fall.

To go with the new Cocktail Menu is a new food menu to tempt. The menu is quite affordable with many dishes at $10 and a sizeable selection of vegetarian including vegan dishes. With the kitchen open until 2am, it makes for a destination for that late night supper. Then there is Sunday’s offering of the ever popular roast chicken.

Low 302
Soft Shell Crab

The Soft Shell Crab is a tasty new addition served with chilli, polenta and rocket with a wonderful spicy dipping sauce on the side.

Low 302

From the current menu, the lightly battered Calamari on a bed of cherry tomato and cucumber is a generous and filling dish.

Low 302 
Charcuterie Board

The Charcuterie Board is a tasty selection of prosciutto, salami and champagne ham served with poppy seed baguette, house pickled vegetables, cabbage and raisin compote and a most excellent carrot and mustard relish.

 Low 302
  Mini Pavlova

Dessert is always going to be a surprise as it will change every two days according to Chef’s fancy.

To accompany all these cocktails and dishes are a range of artists from piano to DJs to up and coming artists performing from jazz and blues to soul.

Low 302 is at heart, doing what it has always done and done well. Cocktails that are well thought out, a food menu with a great variety of dishes that are affordable plus its love of music. What it reminds us is that this town still offers plenty of reasons to enjoy its nightlife. So, why are you still sitting at home?

Low 302
302 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Mon -Sun 6pm to 2am


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